360 Customer Profile

Drive better engagement with a single view of your customers

With so many touchpoints between an organization and its customers, organizations need specialized solutions to effectively manage all of the connections. An enhanced 360-degree view of the customer takes into account all available and meaningful information about the customer from internal and external sources. We combine exploration, governance, access and integration of data, as well as analytics, in a solution that harnesses the volume, velocity and variety of data.

Intelligent Customer 360 – integrated, intelligent and actionable

Keep your finger on the pulse of every customer with an integrated, actionable and AI-based Customer Data Platform


  • Unified up-to-date complete customer view

    Consolidation of information from multiple touchpoints and fragmented systems

  • Detailed customer insight

    Full understanding of customers with a rich, elastic and extendible view

  • Optimized customer engagement

    Drive any customer engagement based on the individual customer view

  • Broad view across touch points and functions

    Single version of the truth across the organization ensuring a consistent and optimized experience

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best practice guide

Your Guide to AI-Driven Customer Data Platforms

A best practice guide by Amdocs and CX Network on the power of building a 360-degree customer profile


Intelligent Customer 360

Intelligent Customer 360 discovers customer insights in real-time and exposes actionable insights to modern business solutions...