Amdocs Data Hub

Unlock your data assets

Service providers possess huge amounts of data from diverse sources. To effectively compete in today’s dynamic market, they must be able to rapidly access and leverage these data assets.


Amdocs Data Hub is a scalable, Hadoop-based data management platform which enables service providers to seamlessly extract, integrate and visualize their diverse and rapidly growing data sources. This leads to data-driven decision making and analytics.

Data Hub

The New Reality for Service Providers

Highlights from the IDC-Amdocs Global Survey


  • Reduce data management costs

    Cut costs for data integration, storage and reporting

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Correlate diverse data sources into a rich customer profile to enable analytical applications


  • Achieve faster time to insight

    Speeds ‘time to insight’ for your business with best practice prebuilt reports and visualization capabilities

  • Maintain business continuity

    Function as a single gateway for the enterprise data warehouse and downstream systems

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Amdocs Data Hub

Read this datasheet to find out how to unlock the value of your data.