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Amdocs offers a full suite of services to help you become a data empowered organization and inject intelligence across your business.

  • Big Data Infrastructure: Implementation, deployment and testing of Big Data stack and tools
  • Data Integration: Extract, transform and load data from first-party and third-party source systems
  • Data Science as a Service: Combine analytics and machine learning with industry knowledge to solve complex business questions
  • Managed Services: Management, operations and testing of data management environments

    Big Data Infrastructure: Amdocs provides implementation, deployment and testing of Big Data stack and tools to transform your data management environment with low-cost, high-performance Big Data technologies.


    Data Modeling: Quickly and efficiently model and map data in fragmented and complex source systems in order to expose it for reporting and analytical purposes.


    Data Integration: Extract, transform and load data from source systems to Big Data stores and traditional data warehouses, and on to downstream systems. Amdocs provides a full spectrum of capabilities including ensuring referential integrity, data cleansing, audit, reconciliation, data lineage and security.


    Data Science as a Service: Amdocs’ data science practice combines analytics and machine learning expertise with communications-specific industry knowledge to rapidly solve complex business questions.


    Visualizations: Empower your workforce with user-friendly access to high-quality data for timely and accurate analysis. Amdocs provides rapid development of new operational and analytical reports and dashboards, implementation of new reporting and visualization tools, deployment of self-service reporting capabilities as well as report consolidation and rationalization services.


    Managed Services: Amdocs offers a single point of accountability for management, operations and testing of data management environments, including data warehouses, Hadoop-based platforms, business intelligence tools and analytical applications

    Amdocs Big Data Analytics

    Dive into Big Data with Amdocs

    Amdocs Big Data Analytics helps service providers leverage their data to answer their most prominent questions: who are my most valuable customers? What do they need and when?


    • Accelerated value generation

      Our domain expertise and best practices in data management create maximum value

    • Modernize your data infrastructure

      Implementing real-time, Hadoop based platforms for a modern up-to-date data infrastructure

    • Reduced data management costs

      Our designed-for-efficiency architectures and intelligent operation services slash data management costs

    • Simplify your data management projects

      A single vendor covers the source systems and target platforms

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    Amdocs Data Management Services

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