Business Agility

Leverage new and existing assets in a faster, more agile way

We leverage business creation experience, technology capabilities and an innovative culture to create new business for service providers. Our Business Agility services enable you to develop new capabilities and enhance your revenue-generating portfolio by growing proportion of revenue from adjacent markets, while developing new capabilities.

Offering Includes

Amdocs Isolation Layer
Connect to any channel, process or system, while managing data quality. This scalable, big data solution enables seamless and efficient handling of orders, customers and business processes over fragmented IT infrastructures, enabling faster time to market, lower costs, improved customer experience and increased revenues.


Data and Intelligence Services
With services that span strategic consulting, data management, data governance, analytics and data management, we help you transform your organization into a data-driven market leader by turning data into knowledge.


Media Testing
Monitors integrity, availability and performance of services on testing and/or production environments by using robots to run advanced end-to-end, human-like testing across virtually all technologies and interfaces.


Revenue Guard’s B2B Platform Managing Enterprise Risk
A powerful platform that allows service providers to grow their revenue, while mitigating risks by reselling services such PBX, call center and point of sale protection to their enterprise customers.


SMB Marketplace
With more than 100 vertical-specific apps and artificial intelligence support, this offering enables seamless and immediate buying and managing of digital and cloud services, providing you with an opportunity for revenue growth and customer loyalty.


Business Benefits

  • Grow revenue

    Increase revenue from adjacent markets, while developing new capabilities

  • Enrich enterprise customer offerings

    Enable enterprise customers to transform digitally through cloud, mobility, security and end-to-end IoT solutions

  • Grow consumer segment

    Expand consumer offerings to include media and entertainment

  • Move up the value chain – beyond connectivity

    Capture revenue outside legacy telecom service markets and create new business growth

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Amdocs Isolation Layer (AMIL)

Learn how this flexible solution abstracts orders from their original formats and streamlines them across systems and channels.

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