Operational Excellence

Automate and modernize operations

Service providers are modernizing operations to gain business agility, improve customer experience, reduce time to market and cut costs. We combine business and technology consulting with operations expertise and end-to-end innovative operational practices to help you achieve a smarter operations.

Offering Includes

Digital Business Operations
We combine a Center of Excellence with our unique IP for efficient implementation of automation tools and full business process visibility and management, regardless of underlying IT systems.


Document Management as a Service
Our cloud-based document lifecycle management and digitization solution generates e-forms that replace paper documents, enabling simultaneous document collaboration and management across the complete document lifecycle. This allows document retrieval for proper integration, indexing and central management.


Intelligent Field Service Management
With continuous machine learning and improvement, vTech an automated technical trouble shooting solution, selects the shortest path to resolution and manages personalized interaction flows, empowering your customers to self-solve technical issues for reduced truck rolls and contact center calls.


Intelligent Operations
Turn your operations into a business enabler through AI-driven automation, agility and visibility across domains and vendors. Powered by the atomIQ platform, which contains advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, it intelligently automates hundreds of telco specific processes, enabling seamless operations, expediting revenue generation and reducing costs.


Quality Engineering Services
Our shift to a quality engineering organization includes agile and DevOps methodologies, unique IP, increased automation and smart test platforms and analytics. This service allows you to stay ahead of the accelerated pace of digital transformation and your enterprise customers’ escalated expectations.


Revenue Guard
Machine learning-based operational risk management (ORM) services that deliver analytical ORM benefits to enhance operational efficiencies, while reducing risks associated with market changes. These services ensure faster, more accurate prevention, detection and resolution of revenue leakage, fraud and cyber fraud.


Amdocs intelligent operations: The future of operations is here

Imagine fully automated IT and business processes. Imagine being able to launch new services at the speed of light. Imagine pre-emptive and zero-touch operations. Imagine boundless elasticity. And finally, imagine operations as a key enabler to drive your business. Service providers no longer need to imagine because Amdocs Intelligent Operations is bringing today’s operations into the future. Watch the video to learn how we are enabling service providers to see everything – horizontally and vertically; analyze all data sources to build patterns and predict the future; and automate the next action across the ecosystem.

Business Benefits

  • Transform operations

    Turn your operations into an efficient, automated and artificial intelligence-led business enabler

  • Achieve process automation

    Embed process automation into operational infrastructure and functional processes

  • Gear networks for the future

    Migrate to new network architectures

  • Operationalize insights

    Support business process and optimization efforts with network analytics, artificial intelligence and automation

Learn More

case study

Amdocs Intelligent Operations Legacy Modernization

Read how a Tier-1 North American service provider saved $12m, reduced defects from 100 to near zero and improved time to deployment by 30%.


Amdocs Revenue Guard: Your operational risk management (ORM) partner

Read how our Revenue Guard machine learning-based ORM services ensure faster and more accurate prevention, detection and resolution of revenue leakage, fraud and cyber fraud.


Revenue Guard Operational Risk Management (ORM) Services

Hear how our comprehensive range of ORM services can proactively reduce your risk exposure, optimize processes and recover a high percentage of lost revenue.


Amdocs Revenue Guard Use Case

See how Amdocs Revenue Guard ORM services enable Amy and Dan, revenue assurance and fraud management analysts, to effectively tackle a pricing error on an IoT package and quickly stop a fraud attempt.


Intelligent Field Service Management (FSM)

Watch a sleepy daughter come alive as her father explains the magic of intelligent FSM. From TV doctors and robots to flying saucers and magical glasses, this video illustrates FSM intelligence.

data sheet

Amdocs BPO: Your business operations partner for growth

Read how you can achieve top performance, while cutting costs with a CoE for back-office automation, optimization and smart handling.

data sheet

Digital business operations for Enterprise

Explore how we can help you improve customer experience, reduce OPEX by 30 – 50% and shorten the lead to cash cycle.

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