Technology & Practices-Driven Innovation

Are your efforts to deliver exciting new services being stifled by the constraints of your technology infrastructure?

The business models of the past 20 years no longer meet the needs of our digital future. Consumer behavior has evolved with growing expectations for interactivity, simplicity, and user-centricity – and our industry must change as well.

  • More than 82% of companies agree the need for greater business agility and innovation drives adoption of cloud-native technologies and DevOps practices
  • 64% say microservices architecture will be a requirement for new systems within two years
  • 84% claim a personalized customer experience is essential, but is a vital business challenge due to a lack of sophisticated intelligence

These customer expectations and your business needs are why everything we do today is based on cloud-native technologies – that are open and flexible. At Amdocs, we:

  • Offer cloud-native microservices in an open and integrated environment
  • Introduced amdocsONE, focused on five strategic business imperatives, so you can focus on the exact areas needed to modernize your business
  • Leverage DevOps across our portfolio to deliver value smartly and at speed
  • Take a vendor-neutral, open-source style that includes open tools and processes, with 50+ partners and growing

Leveraging these technologies in everything we do ensures we’re keeping you on the cutting edge. All while providing full accountability to control costs, bring the optimal scope and drive agility.

Microservices and DevOps

Enable agility and innovation with a DevOps approach and microservices architecture

Cloud and Cloud Services

Move your applications and solutions to the cloud for flexibility, scalability and competitive edge

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Improve data quality by 85%, gain customer insights, and increase data-driven decision making

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