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maximize the artificial intelligence (AI) opportunity

Amdocs enables service providers to leverage artificial intelligence to make a meaningful, quantifiable, and differentiating impact on their business with aia, Amdocs Intelligence Platform.


aia combines AI technologies, real-time data management solutions and extensive telco-specific domain expertise to enable service providers to inject intelligence across their business processes and customers' life-cycle.

Seizing the AI opportunity - an AI roadmap for service providers


Free white-paper by amdocs and Ovum


This paper is designed to support CSPs, providing a clear-headed perspective on AI and an actionable roadmap on how to maximize the AI opportunity.


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Amdocs aia

Transforming customer experience, business processes and network management with embedded intelligence.


  • Deliver the next phase of your digital journey

    Enables you to be a smarter, data driven business

  • Revamp your customer engagement

    Deliver personalized and contextual experience to customers

  • Drive efficiencies by automating decision-making processes

    Automate processes and actions, leading to better decisions

  • Continuous improvement

    Embrace self-learning capabilities into your business processes

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Intelligent Customer 360

Intelligent Customer 360 discovers customer insights in real-time and exposes actionable insights to modern business solutions such as marketing campaigns, personalization and proactive customer care


Seizing AI opportunities for communication service providers

Amdocs' Doron Youngerwood and Ovum's Eden Zoller discuss the opportunities AI presents to service providers.

case study

Rapid, actionable intelligence drives success for O2 in Pay As You Go sector

Amdocs Engage reduces churn in the most sensitive of segments – helping to build reputation for responsive term service


Ovum Act on Your Intelligence

Seizing the AI opportunity for communications service providers


Ovum CDO Guide to AI

Chief data officer's guide to artificial intelligence


Ovum CMO Guide to AI

Chief marketing officer's guide to artificial intelligence


Ovum Head of Care Guide to AI

Head of customer care's guide to artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence in Action

Embed cutting edge artificial intelligence into every aspect of the business and seize the AI Opportunity


Data-Fueled Intelligence

Learn how you can turn your data into intelligence, and your organization into an intelligent digital service provider


Intelligence-Fueled Customer Care

Take charge of customer relationship, and deliver predictive, proactive, and personalized care, while reducing costs


Intelligence-Driven Marketing

Achieve contextualized and personalized engagements at scale and support a consistent, adaptive, allbound customer journey


Act on Your Intelligence With Amdocs aia!

Amdocs CMO Gary Miles explains how communications service providers can seize the AI opportunity with Amdocs real-time digital intelligence platform.


The Intelligent Service Provider

This eGuide describes how artificial intelligence will enable service providers to harness the power of data.

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