Master Enterprise Catalog

Accelerate time to market (TTM) for new services and promotions

Service providers need to be able to bring a vast array of new products and services to market quickly. Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog allows service providers to deal with this new reality. More than a simple product catalog management system, it lets service providers quickly create and update new products, promotions, multi-play bundles and services from reusable product, service and resource components.

Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog is a holistic, centralized data repository that consolidates and manages all products and related information in the various business support systems (BSS) and operational support system (OSS), network, commerce, while supporting the product structure that corresponds with business needs. It is a unique platform that cohesively supports the product lifecycle from offer creation to fulfillment.

Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog includes:

  • Amdocs product catalog: A single, centralized source for all product and service information that enables faster and cheaper product development, greater accuracy in order management and fulfillment, as well as more transparent and reliable portfolio management
  • Amdocs business implementation studio: A n innovative, user-friendly user application that reduces time to market and cost. Serves as a self-service portal for business requests allowing non-technical users to drive product changes and launch new offers quickly.
  • Amdocs implementation design center: Product modeling guidelines, describing best practice product and service configuration, as well as rule guidelines for Tier 0, 1 and 2 service providers around the globe
  • Amdocs product lifecycle management: Removes the costs of manual processes, strengthens enterprise collaboration, and puts performance-based business decision making at the center of product strategy