Amdocs Solutions for Kenan & C1 Customers

Committed to your ongoing success

Amdocs is committed to serving Kenan and C1 customers and ensuring business continuity, evolution and ongoing success. To deliver continued value, Amdocs has developed a long-term roadmap focused on:

  • Digital evolution – Consistent, personalized and optimized customer experience across channels

  • New revenue generating engines – Innovative and open to support ‘Everything-as-a-Service’, sophisticated balance management and control, and flexible revenue sharing models

  • Operational agility and efficiency – Modern and efficient tools to support operational agility and efficiency

Service providers can also take advantage of offers from the Amdocs portfolio – a set of specifically designed and tailored products and services to enhance your current business support systems (BSS) – offering innovation, value and synergy. ​
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Learn more about the key products and services that can complement your existing Kenan or C1 solution:

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