Amdocs’ MarketONE platform wins industry association IABM’s BaM Award® in the Monetize category


10 Dec 2020

Amdocs’ MarketONE platform wins industry association IABM’s BaM Award® in the Monetize category

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MarketONE’s cloud-based, multi-tenant platform helps content OTTs to forge partnerships with CSPs by onboarding once to gain access to multiple CSPs.

Ranks top due to the D2C and CSP integration which is most needed for digital consumers

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IABM's BaM® judges

December, 2020 - IABM, The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry, has awarded its prestigious 2020 BaM® award in the Monetize category to the innovative MarketONE platform by Amdocs Media – an Amdocs division.

Praise from the judges

MarketONE was described by the judges as "a comprehensive solution to easily monetize content to a wide audience” who also highlighted how “the connection to help OTTs move from cloud-only isolated locations to real networks will greatly accelerate the opportunity for OTTs to be seen as equal to more traditional channels."

A win-win solution for everyone

A cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform, with a microservices based architecture, MarketONE helps service providers manage partnerships at scale, expand digital services, and evolve OTT bundling strategies and offers an innovative win-win solution for both communication service providers, and the OTT content providers.

MarketONE combines scalable OTT partner management, flexible monetization and a seamless user-centric experience. The platform’s expanding ecosystem of pre-integrated OTTs empowers operators to aggregate and successfully monetize partners in video, sports, music, gaming and more.

MarketONE enables telecom and cable operators to embrace the full range of subscription bundling, while giving customers value and convenience for their entertainment needs. Operators can now be more dynamic in their approach and go to market quicker. Meanwhile, OTT partners can expand their customer base and market footprint with operators, an ideal distribution partner across the globe thanks to their extensive reach.

A single digital ID for each user simplifies everything

The end consumers also benefit: for telecom and cable operators who are bundling OTTs as an aggregation or a retention strategy, the customer experience has previously often been a frustrating one thanks to the requirement of multiple sign ons: “Only 28% enjoy an effortless activation process for telco-bundled OTT media services” (Omdia). But thanks to MarketONE’s ability to assign a single digital identity per user, the experience is much simpler since the user can now avoid the need for multiple logins, payments, profiles, and preferences.

Already deployed and proven

MarketONE is live at numerous operators with hundreds of thousands of transactions already processed, to support their respective PayTV strategies of premium content and OTT subscriptions.

About IABM: As the authoritative voice for the Broadcast & Media industry, IABM facilitates the all-important networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the Broadcast and Media technology industry.



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