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Amdocs Open RAN: Solution profile

Francis Haysom, Principal Analyst, BSS / OSS Strategy


01 Mar 2021

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Open RAN is arguably the most significant initiative in the mobile telecom industry today. The movement will impact the entire supply chain – from chipset manufacturers and OEM/network equipment providers, right the way through to communications & media services providers and their end customers.

Appledore believes that our systems integration expertise, product capabilities and newer AI and ML competencies distinguish us, with a comprehensive portfolio that includes:

  • Actix SmartRAN
  • A non-RT RIC (RAN intelligent controller)
  • New xApps (near-RT RIC apps)
  • New rApps (non-RT RIC apps at the Orchestration/service management level)
  • Deployment of opensource RIC (along the ONAP model) where a customer chooses this
  • Systems integration (including some test and simulation functions)
  • Custom software development

Read the full report and learn about the value we bring to an open RAN rollout – and why operators committed to investing over the long-term are most likely to win big.


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