An example to the next generation

An example to the next generation

Mentoring is my passion, sharing my knowledge with all, regardless of gender. I lead by example.

Roselle Cariño, Technical and Business Operations Line Manager

SmartOps Globe Account, Manilla

18 Apr 2023

An example to the next generation

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I was unknowingly destined to study the best course.

Back in the 1990s, the most popular course in Philippines was computer engineering. When I was in primary and high school, I was really strong in math and science, so I always knew I wanted to be in technology, and I specifically wanted to be a computer engineer. I wanted to study at the Mapua Institute of Technology, but it was very difficult to get into computer engineering there and I ended up going for my second choice, which was industrial engineering. Luckily I was accepted. Without knowing it, industrial engineering was the best course for me, as it opened more opportunities for me to enhance my capabilities and showcase my abilities. I was really suited to this field of study and ultimately it helped me on my journey to IT. 

While there are a lot of women interested in technology in the Philippines, during my time we were only around 10-20% at  the Mapua Institute of Technology. The standards were very high, and every semester around 30-50% of the class would fail out of the course. For me, graduating as B.S.I.E. (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering) was a great achievement. 

Striving to provide a better life for my family

While I was at the Mapua Institute of Technology, my father died. It was a difficult time for me and my family as he was the main provider. My mother wanted me to stop studying and go to work to support them. But I was determined to finish my studies – I wanted to do more than just support my family, I wanted to provide for them for the long term. It was hard, but I knew I needed to step up and be strong. I was extremely motivated and wanted to give my family a better life. This has been my inspiration to this day. 

Process engineering was my stepping stone

My first job out of university was at Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. (BayanTel) in the Philippines as an Inventory, Planning and Control analyst and Property Analyst.  In 1998, IT was booming, and more and more people were becoming interested in IT. I knew I was also capable of succeeding in the Information and Technology field, so when I was at BayanTel in 1998 I decided to make the shift to process engineering. Here, I needed to understand the flow of the systems, coordinating both sides – business and development. I focused on developing a system out of business needs, ensuring that it was feasible. I know where my strengths lie – I’m really good at process analysis, so I knew I could succeed in IT, and process engineering was my stepping stone. 

My next job was at Stradcom Corporation, a company offering IT services to government agencies such as the Land Transportation Office (LTO), where I worked on delivering IT services and transforming manual processes into an automated system. In 2000, I moved to Singapore to work for Singtel and NCS, taking my first steps towards fulfilling my dream to have a comfortable life and be financially stable. I was there for almost 19 years, working as a business analyst, systems analyst, migration and release manager, QA manager, service delivery manager, and fulfilling any role I was assigned. 

"Diverse leadership creates balance and productivity, as the different approaches and ideas that gender diversity brings to the table prove to be more efficient and creative."

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Roselle Cariño, Technical and Business Operations Line Manager

SmartOps Globe Account, Manilla

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I decided to resign and moved back to the Philippines to be with my daughter, build a stronger relationship with her, and help her with her online classes. So, I stopped working for a year and a half. I have a big family, and I make sure to spend more time with them and my daughter. My daughter and I go out to bond, eat and attend church together. 

In 2022, I was given an opportunity to  join Amdocs, handling Problem Management, Fallout Management (MNP and Wireline Stuck Orders), Go to Market (GTM) and as Success Manager for B2B. As a SPOC for B2B, I manage business issues, pain points, coordination and making sure support is available to resolve and mitigate the issues.

Instilling the value of equal opportunities for all

I’ve never come across any gender discrimination in my professional life. I’ve always worked in diverse organizations. In the telco world I never felt like I didn’t belong, or maybe it’s just my personality! I am part of the “SmartOps Women’s Network”, leading the APAC region activities, and promoting 50-50 gender diversity, our north star. I’m also a champion in INSPIRE – Amdocs’ organizational leadership platform for closing the gender gap – which implements key programs to achieve diversity and inclusion, and eliminate gender bias. I mentor all my people, regardless of gender. I try to lead by example, passing all my knowledge onto them and training them to be leaders, enhancing their skills and discovering their full potential. I instill the value of equal opportunities for all.  

My leaders have always been very supportive

I have very supportive leaders who understand the essence of diversity and inclusion, promoting gender equality and eliminating bias in the organization. Diverse leadership creates balance and productivity, as the different approaches and ideas that gender diversity brings to the table prove to be more efficient and creative. My leaders, inspire and motivate me to learn, deliver and be committed. My manager’s manager is a strong, confident, kind, and approachable female leader who encourage us to be the best we can be, providing equal opportunities to all and leading the SmartOps Women’s Network globally. She encourages women to lead, to take advantage of opportunities and be confident that we can contribute to the success of Amdocs, and serves as such a positive role model for all women in our groups.    

My daughter wants to follow in my footsteps

My 13-year-old daughter is also inclined towards the tech world. She wants to follow in my footsteps and go into engineering. She is a very curious young lady who wants to know more about my work, she observed and listened while I was working from home. This motivated her to do well in school and work on building her character. She is becoming more responsible and wants to be a leader someday. Seeing other people give me respect and recognition for what I do is what inspires her to do better and aim high. 

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