How Amdocs’ First-of-its-Kind amAIz Agents Provide a Low-Risk Way to Get Started with Generative AI

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Michael Zema

Head of North America Public Relations

14 Jun 2024

How Amdocs’ First-of-its-Kind amAIz Agents Provide a Low-Risk Way to Get Started with Generative AI

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Amid the rapid rise of generative AI, many communications service providers struggle to keep pace. Amdocs is revolutionizing this landscape with a seamless, value-driven solution that integrates effortlessly, eliminating the need for system overhauls

The telecommunications sector stands at a critical juncture. While generative AI (GenAI) technologies are advancing rapidly, many communication service providers (CSPs) are struggling to keep pace.

Amdocs commissioned Analysys Mason to explore this problem, which highlighted a prominent disparity: although 90% of CSPs recognize GenAI's transformative potential, only 22% have implemented GenAI solutions. Further, almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents are exploring what it takes to build their own GenAI platform, which can be time consuming compared to ready-made solutions.

We understand there is a fear of integrating GenAI and potentially breaking core products required for business continuity. And with that, we have introduced a new GenAI offering that can easily add value to your business without system replacements or changes.

Amdocs' amAIz Agents: The Path to a GenAI-Driven Future

Today, we released our innovative amAIz Generative AI Agents (GenAI Agents). These standalone GenAI apps are poised to change the telecommunications industry by empowering CSPs to embrace GenAI and transform into AI-driven telcos -- CSPs that leverage GenAI to enhance aspects of their operations, services, and customer experiences.

GenAI Agents are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, offering CSPs immediate value without the need for extensive IT overhauls.

Part of the amAIz platform, these agents are set to revolutionize customer care, marketing, sales, and network management, driving efficiencies and reducing operational costs across various operational areas. For instance:

  • amAIz Care Agent: Exponentially enhances customer service by managing inquiries, interactions, disputes, and billing with personalized experiences.
  • amAIz Sales Agent: A sophisticated boost in product discovery and sales, boosting revenue and facilitating upselling opportunities.
  • amAIz Marketing Agent: Oversees campaign planning and personalization, competitive analysis, and market attribution to optimize marketing strategies.
  • amAIz Network Agent: Analyzes network resources and issues, proactively resolving problems to maintain network integrity.

These agents leverage large language models (LLMs) to match tasks with the best fit AI, ensuring optimal outcomes. The GenAI amAIz platform, developed in collaboration with industry leaders Microsoft and NVIDIA, combines carrier-grade architecture with the latest in AI technology, delivering precise, cost-effective solutions tailored to the telecom sector.

GenAI Agents work as standalone apps featuring a library of out-of-the-box telco-skills, providing CSPs with comprehensive solutions and an extended set of capabilities which will expand over time. GenAI facilitates collaboration and co-creation between human and machine agents, providing upskilling for the telco workforce and an improved experience for customers. 

“Amdocs’ GenAI Agents mark an evolution of our amAIz platform, further empowering the communications industry to become AI-driven at its core, providing an enriched, automated approach to care,” said Roy Sgan-Cohen, General Manager of AI, Platforms, and Data, Amdocs. “Our platform enables CSPs to access critical telco data sources, understand complex telecom taxonomy, and draw accurate conclusions—capabilities not achievable with consumer-focused GenAI offerings. Seamless access to these resources is crucial for the successful GenAI integration into day-to-day operations.” 

AI Agents are One Aspect of a Larger Amdocs GenAI Strategy and Offering

Beyond amAIz Agents, additional amAIz’ GenAI copilots are part of Amdocs’ suite of products.

A Future-Ready Solution

As the telecommunications industry grapples with the accelerating pace of GenAI advancements, Amdocs’ amAIz GenAI Agents offer a timely, easy-to-integrate solution. By enabling CSPs to combine sophisticated AI capabilities into their operations without extensive system changes, Amdocs is helping the industry to not just keep up, but to lead in the AI-driven future.

Amdocs will highlight its GenAI Agents and other innovations at Digital Transformation World, June 18-20, in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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