Ideas are not enough, execution is key: Raman Abrol

Ideas are not enough, execution is key: Raman Abrol

Born in England, raised in India, and living in New Jersey, Raman Abrol, CEO of Vubiquity and GM of Amdocs Media is a perfect synthesis of knowledge, humility, and courage.

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Keya Sen, Internal Communications


23 Jan 2023

Ideas are not enough, execution is key: Raman Abrol

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In our series on Passionate Leadership we met Raman Abrol, CEO of Vubiquity and GM of Amdocs Media.

Raman is passionate about people, technology, and execution. He strongly believes that technology is the outcome of human imagination, and that success comes through flawless execution.

Talking about it further, he says, “I see a strong interplay among people, technology, and execution. Technological innovation can create a lasting impression on people when it generates the right experience, which comes through the right execution. Innovation is essential for driving progress, but it is ultimately the ability to execute the ideas that determine success. Finally, it’s about delivering it right to the customers."

Diversity and inclusion are one of my key priorities

As a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, Raman decided to put focus on it at Vubiquity when he took over as the unit head. He explains:

” Providing education and training and helping create a more diverse and skilled workforce was how we chose to give back to the community. We, therefore, partnered with RISE, an award-winning global advocacy membership organization supporting gender diversity across the media technology sector.

We adopted a proactive approach to support diversity and inclusion. By providing financial support and offering opportunities for mentorship and networking, we carved out valuable ways to help young female professionals launch their careers. We also consider RISE graduates as a potential talent pool for future hiring. This is just a step to help create a more inclusive and equitable society. It's important for people to feel confident and supported as they enter new fields, and initiatives like this can help make that happen.

We are working proactively to make our content accessible to people with disabilities. This is an important step towards inclusivity and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy and engage with media content.

We want to be known as a company that promotes inclusion and diversity as core values. We demonstrate this not only in our work but also in our team. We want to be the company our clients can rely on and feel safe trusting to localize often sensitive content, knowing the attention we pay to it.

Essentially, we work to ensure that these values are integrated into the hiring, training, onboarding, and performance evaluation of job candidates, as well as into the work we produce in the form of captions, subtitles, dubs, audio descriptions, etc."

It’s important to turn challenges into opportunities

“Upon earning my degree in Electronics Engineering, I joined TATA & Lucent Technologies, " Raman recalls. "My first assignment was working on a telecom satellite/PBX project for the Indian army in a war setting near Ladakh. When this offer came to me, I took it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Although it was not an easy decision due to the war, I am happy I took that assignment as it empowered and gave me valuable learnings. Taking on challenging assignments with positivity and endurance can be a great way to gain experience and grow professionally. Embracing such opportunities, however challenging, can have a significant impact on one’s career."

“There is no digital without real, so don't skip the step of executing and making a difference in real life."

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Raman Abrol

CEO of Vubiquity and GM of Amdocs Media

At Amdocs, Raman says, "we also believe in empowering young people and providing them with opportunities. Keeping this in mind, we have hired many fresh and young graduates in our Toronto and Cyprus facilities. As an example, in Cyprus, where there was no media-related talent, we have built a site with more than 100 people and trained engineers and youth in media workflows and operations through a strong training program by Amdocs Vubiquity experts. This emphasis on training and development, as well as providing job opportunities for young graduates can not only lead to a more diverse and dynamic workforce but also help in preparing talent for the industry and market. Additionally, this approach can bring in fresh ideas and perspectives, which can also help the organization grow and improve over time."

Facing challenges with grit and patience

Asked how he deals with difficult situations, Raman explains,

“Like everyone, I too have faced my share of challenges and difficult moments. But whenever the burden of those challenges becomes overwhelming, I remember the struggles my parents endured while relocating from England and settling in India and restarting their lives all over again.

Before that my grandparents migrated from Pakistan to India during the Partition of India, leaving behind all their possessions. Although my dad and mom came from affluent families, they went through a very difficult time as they came back to India. Dad started a business from scratch and that brought him challenges every day which he faced and tackled with immense grit and patience. While financially it was challenging, my dad instilled in me the values of courage and perseverance right from childhood.

As my parents were highly educated, we grew up with books all around us. They made us realize the importance of education as a result even while pursuing my professional journey, I managed to earn my master’s degree in engineering from NJIT and MBA in finance from NYU Stern.

My parents’ experiences and values have had a significant impact on my life and have influenced my perspective on challenges. My father’s business struggles instilled in me the importance of leadership, hard work, and determination, and my parents’ emphasis on education helped me to value learning and academic achievement.”

Raman loves to play tennis, golf, and poker. He likes to hear podcasts from Lex Friedman, Joe Rogan, Kara Swisher, and Scott Galloway. He is also a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Indian cricket teams.

On asking what one piece of advice he would like to give to the youth today, he says “There is no digital without real, so don't skip the step of executing and making a difference in real life. In the age of TikTok and FB reels, we are all well served to remember to take action and implement ideas that have an impact on the real world and people’s lives, rather than just living in the metaverse or spending all our time on theoretical aspects."


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