The joy of giving

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday and the holiday season, Amdocs’ First-Annual North America Giving Week brought hundreds of employees together, making an impact on thousands of people.

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Susan Maishlish, Employee Communications


05 Jan 2023

The joy of giving

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From November 28 to December 2, 2022, our North America region initiated Amdocs' first-ever Giving Week.

Volunteerism is a value that is deeply entrenched in Amdocs’ culture. Just in time for the holiday season, the week was a great way for employees to come together and share in the personal rewards that can only be experienced through acts of generosity.

“Volunteering at a local elementary school on a rocket building activity was as much fun and learning for us as it was for the students! As we helped them design, build, and launch their rockets, they were curious, creative, and asked a lot of questions. You definitely end up educating yourself when you volunteer!”

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Sonam Bhatia, Atlanta, GA, USA

Impact: Promoting STEAM for kids | Non-Profit: STEAM Generation volunteer

Amazing Giving

This dedicated week of volunteerism was a tremendous success, inspiring even more focused giving initiatives around the world as we begin a new year.

Amazing doesn’t just happen, it’s made by our people

The Impact of North America Giving Week


Volunteering hours






Lives touched




Laptops donated


Meals prepared


Amdocs offices

“This was a great experience, everyone really enjoyed it. The food bank put things into perspective by explaining how this ‘small’ activity would help out so many families. It was honestly a really fun and positive experience and we would be open to volunteering there again!”

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Mariah Murray, Montreal, QC, Canada

Impact: Food Bank in Montreal | Non-Profit: Mission Bon Accueil / Welcome Hall Mission

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA: Amdocs’ volunteers prepared around 500 sandwiches at the Rainwater Office to deliver to those experiencing food insecurity.

Dallas, Texas, USA: Amdocs’ Black Professional Employee Networking Group (BPENG) works with Dream Center, Dallas, to provide food to people in need.

“Families in need across Canada struggle to buy holiday gifts for kids, and the Salvation Army coordinator emphasized the impact of lending a helping hand at this time of year. This was my first experience volunteering, and we shared a sense of purpose and unity knowing that our efforts would help bring smiles to kids’ faces.”

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Irina Peretz, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Impact: Donation and sorting of goods for the holidays | Non-Profit: The Salvation Army

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA: Supporting Burlington County families in need through donations of nonperishable food and personal items to Charlie’s Kitchen & Mount Laurel EMS

Mexico City, Mexico: Supporting innovation in space robotics by donating laptops to the UNAM University Space Program

“We decided to focus our activity on the trees that give us oxygen to live! We made a drip irrigation system out of plastic bottles and sand to help water the trees in an easy and creative way. With winter around the corner, the young trees we planted can thrive in the biggest green area in Guadalajara.”

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Ivana Jimenez Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Impact: Giving back to our parks & urban forests| Non-Profit: Colectivo Ciudadano Pro Bosque Pedagógico del Agua

Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico: Helping an urban forest thrive by creating a drip irrigation system from reused plastic bottles and sand

“It felt like I travelled back in time and I was immensely overwhelmed with feelings reminiscent of childhood. It was also a joy to see what efforts we as a company can support in order to bring the kids of today, and the youth of tomorrow, meaningful experiences to help shape their futures.”

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Dhanjeet Singh, Atlanta

Impact: Promoting STEAM for kids | Non-Profit: STEAM Generation volunteer

“I’m very happy that I decided to lead this gratifying activity. We were able to help about 35 older people through the donations we received, and they had a great time with our volunteers. Initially, I’d only planned this activity to be for one day, but we added a second day due to high interest from employees!”

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Beatriz Navarrete, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Impact: Spending quality time with aging people in Guadalajara | Non-Profit: Asilo Juan Pablo II Pro Dignidad Humana, A.C.

At Amdocs, we care and we act

We are committed to making a difference in society by prioritizing inclusion and diversity, supporting communities, and creating sustainable products and services.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Inspiring tomorrow’s innovators through STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), in a rocketry workshop for elementary school students

Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico: Giving life-saving blood for those in need

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: Supporting the families of hospitalized children through meal prep at Ronald McDonald House

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Donating plasma to Canadian Blood Services, and helping patients across Canada who depend on plasma transfusions or medicines made from donated plasma


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