Leveraging generative AI to simplify the network and service lifecycle management with Amdocs Intelligent OSS on AWS

Leveraging generative AI to simplify the network and service lifecycle management with Amdocs Intelligent OSS on AWS

It is time to take a different approach to Network and Service Operations.

Menny Konorty, Amdocs; Efrat Nir-Berger, AWS; Aygul Aytuglu, AWS

26 Feb 2024

Leveraging generative AI to simplify the network and service lifecycle management with Amdocs Intelligent OSS on AWS

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New technology rollouts, more complex service introductions, and increased network complexity make network operations and lifecycle management of services more expensive.

Operators need to improve their mode of operation and accelerate the identification of problems, addressing them reactively or proactively to minimize impact to customer experience. To achieve this, CSPs are boosting existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities with Generative AI to increase the efficiencies in network operations.

Reimagining network operations with generative AI

Over the past year, generative AI has not only emerged as a hot topic in the technology domain but also marked its presence in our daily lives with its ability to create new content. More importantly it has sparked the world’s imagination, positioning itself as a catalyst for innovation across all organizations and industries.

In the telco industry specifically, the transformative potential of generative AI is clear, as reflected by the CSPs level of investment. Worldwide CSPs are taking different approaches to generative AI adoption and establishing partnerships to support telco-specific generative AI use cases.

While generalized generative AI can generate business value across a wide range of applications, specific generative AI models are needed to address the unique needs and challenges of certain domains. For CSPs, this means adopting models that are purpose-built for the telco domain and provide a cost performance solution for their business needs.

CSPs will prioritize using their telco data combined with the right choice of models, to minimize errors and inaccuracies that a generalized generative AI model might produce, using appropriate telco domain expertise. These specific telco generative AI platforms have the potential to revolutionize the telecom industry, offering generative AI use cases from customer experience to network operations, thereby contributing to increased efficiencies and productivity in the industry.

While customer service and marketing are the most immediate areas where CSPs are expected to apply generative AI, network operations is a crucial area for investment. This is due to the exponential growth of network complexity and the transition to programmable, disaggregated, and dynamic networks, which pose significant challenges to the capacity of current network operations teams to manage networks effectively.

CSPs have already been progressively adopting AI-powered closed-loop automation, leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to derive insights from vast amounts of network data and translate them into actionable steps. In this journey towards autonomous networks, generative AI that holds the key to accelerating the transformation.

For this to work, trust needs to be built. This involves ensuring generative AI models are adequately accessing telco-specific data. It’s a gradual process, whereby generative AI acts as an AI assistant, ultimately enabling network operations teams to gain the vital insights they need to manage growing network complexity.

Why generative AI on AWS

AWS is rapidly innovating to provide the most comprehensive set of capabilities across the generative AI stack, aiming to take complex and expensive technology that can transform customer experiences and businesses and democratizing it for customers of all sizes and technical abilities.

AWS provide easy access to all of the models and tools customers need to build and scale generative AI applications with the same security, access control, and other features customers expect from an AWS service.

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies via a single API, along with a broad set of capabilities needed to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.

Using Amazon Bedrock allows to easily experiment and evaluate top FMs for different use cases, privately customize them with customer specific data using techniques such as fine-tuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and build agents that execute tasks using the customer’s enterprise systems and data sources.

Since Amazon Bedrock is serverless, there’s no need to manage any infrastructure. Customers and partners can securely integrate and deploy generative AI capabilities into their applications using the AWS services.

How Amdocs and AWS empower transformation of network operations

Amdocs and AWS developed a solution that combines the power of AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, with Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies. Amdocs Intelligent OSS cloud-native solutions harness the AWS Cloud capabilities, by leveraging AWS managed services for improved TCO and simplified operations, such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and running on AWS best price-performance solutions, using Amazon Graviton instances.

Amdocs Intelligent OSS includes the industry leading End-to-End Service Orchestration (E2ESO) solution, which is natively intent-driven and includes network catalog and design, network orchestration, network inventory and service assurance capabilities. These capabilities of the E2ESO solution work in harmony to support closed-loop operations thus enabling CSPs to improve efficiency and delivery unprecedent service quality.

The Amdocs E2ESO solution includes generative AI assistance capabilities through integration with Amdocs amAIz, an LLM agnostic, telco-grade generative AI platform. Amdocs amAIz is designed to cater to a range of applications, from network operations to customer engagement, with a focus on telecommunication industry enabling high accuracy, responsible usage and maintaining trust.

In network operations specifically, amAIz marks a significant advancement through its telco specific use case support. Concretely, amAIz leverages integration with the AI-powered Intelligent OSS, which includes ML root cause analysis (RCA) alongside network and AI-based alarm management is enriched with an AWS generative AI pipeline.

Thanks to the smooth integration of AWS services together, Anthropic’s Claude Model hosted in Amazon Bedrock will access the network data and the insights generated by Amdocs’ algorithms to performs tasks like: information extraction, summarization, aggregation of data on the fly.

A practical example of network and service operations, powered by generative AI

The joint solution from AWS and Amdocs demonstrates the generative AI use in network operations. It starts with Amdocs End-to-End Service Orchestration (E2ESO) managing the deployment and fulfilment of the network and services, and follows with Amdocs Service Assurance Suite detecting network issues impacting services’ quality of service (QoS) and displaying them on the assurance dashboard. The solution enables the NOC/SOC engineer to be assisted by an operations copilot, based on Amdocs amAIz platform, to request an analysis of the situation. The solution leverages Amdocs Service Assurance Suite machine learning (ML) root cause analysis (RCA) to determine the root cause of the service impacting issue. Thanks to the visibility provided by Amdocs Network Inventory the engineer can get recommendations from the copilot on the capacity enhancement to remediate the service impacting issue.

The solution demonstrates that in case the event becomes a recurring one, Amdocs Service Assurance Suite anomaly detection identifies the pattern for QoS degradation and the Amdocs operations copilot informs the engineer about it. It recommends proactively scheduling the remediation action to prevent future QoS degradations.

Beyond the hype of generative AI

Generative AI is transforming the network operations and augmenting current OSS with observability, explainability layer and on-demand extraction and summarization of network insights.

Amdocs and AWS bring AI and generative AI pipelines within the amAIz platform to optimize the network end to end lifecycle, taking generative AI beyond the hype, showcasing its transformative power. Through integration with proven AI/ML capabilities, generative AIs cutting-edge innovation truly marks the progression of network operations to the next level. The result is a telco-grade generative AI application, capable of supporting daily tasks and significantly improve both efficiency and productivity.

AWS and Amdocs can be found at MWC Barcelona 24. Visit the AWS Next Level to experience first hand demonstrations, you can find AWS on the Upper Walkway, South Entrance at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via.

About the authors

Menny Konorty
Menachem (Menny) Konorty

With more than 25 years of experience in OSS and Network arena, Menny is leading the Amdocs Product Management for its NG-OSS offering - focusing on Digital to Network Automation, End to End Service Orchestration, Dynamic Inventory and AI / ML driven Operations. Menny is leading Amdocs vision, roadmap, and product management activities for Amdocs' Intelligent Networking Suite (INS) providing innovative service & network automation, with closed-loop operations, powered by GenAI.

Aygul Aytuglu
Aygul Aytuglu

Aygul is Operations Support Systems (OSS) Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services Telecom Industry Business Unit. Prior to that role she was sales lead for the OSS portfolio of VMware covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. Previously, she was fulfilling the same role at EMC and Dell.

Efrat Nir-Berger
Efrat Nir-Berger

Efrat is a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with 20+ years in the Telecommunications industry. She is working closely with global Telecom customers and partners on cloud modernization and migration of their Enterprise IT workloads. Efrat is also a proud member of the AWS GetIT ambassador program that aims to inspire young students, particularly girls, to consider a career in technology.


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