Video Testimonial: Trust Bank & SC nexus

Hear from two of our customers: Trust Bank, Singapore's first digital bank backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group, and SC nexus, a white-label plug and play Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution powered by Standard Chartered.

Amdocs Financial Services

26 Jan 2023

Video Testimonial: Trust Bank & SC nexus

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Our work with Trust Bank

Trust Bank partnered with Sourced Group, an Amdocs Company to launch as Singapore’s first digital bank.

Sourced Group an Amdocs Company, which specializes in large-scale cloud transformations, is proud to have partnered with Trust Bank (Trust) on their digital journey to launch as the first of Singapore’s new wave of digital banks.

Backed by Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group, Trust was born in the cloud and uses the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. Trust launched on the 1st of September, 2022, with a range of products for its customers, comprising a credit card, savings account, and family personal accident insurance. During its first month, Trust’s user base grew to over 200,000, with its customers making close to 1 million Trust transactions. Within 200 days, they reached over 500,000 customers, becoming one of the world’s fastest growing digital banks.

Leveraging AWS technology such as Web Application Firewall, Config and CloudTrail, Trust can deliver a world-class customer experience and cutting-edge security. Its partnership with Amdocs has helped enable this modern platform and rapid response to its customers’ needs, in line with Singapore’s ambitions to further strengthen its financial sector for the digital economy of the future.

Our work with SC nexus

Migrating a digital banking platform, Standard Chartered nexus (SC nexus), on Amazon Web Services to a new geographic region.

SC nexus is a white-label plug-and-play Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution with a vision to redefine the banking experience for customers globally, by digitally marrying ecosystems to banks. The BaaS model enables non-financial companies to provide customers with financial products and services such as personal loans, credit cards and digital savings accounts.

Sourced Group, an Amdocs Company, migrated SC nexus’ digital banking platform from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) to AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) within a tight timeframe, enabling it to meet the needs of a key partner. Some key achievements were:

  1. Swift migration – A migration that would usually take one year was successfully completed in nine months.
  2. Regulatory compliance – The new set-up complies with all relevant financial services regulations in the region, from data localisation to security requirements.
  3. Wider reach – This development enables SC nexus to access one of the biggest online markets worldwide, with more than 196 million internet users.



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