The future of cloud native collaborative communication, with Craig Walker

Craig Walker, Founder and CEO of Dialpad, discusses the rise of VoIP and the future of unified communications, and the implementation of artificial intelligence into all forms of communication.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

S2 E17

17 May 2021


The future of cloud native collaborative communication, with Craig Walker

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May 17, 2021
The Future of Cloud Native Collaborative Communication

Not long ago, telephone companies had a monopoly on all forms of voice communication. But, just as it has done to most aspects of daily life, the internet changed everything. Thanks to the internet, people could connect over IP from all corners of the world. And now that the technology has improved, the connections have become stronger and the systems have been built to support high-speed connection, the VoIP industry is becoming more important than ever for businesses.

Craig Walker is the Founder and CEO at Dialpad, a company he started after working for Google, where he led strategy, execution, launch and product direction for Google Voice.

On this episode of Future of Tech, Craig explains how VoIP is being used in every industry, and he discusses why the unified system of communication that Dialpad offers will lead to a more automated workforce. Plus, he details how artificial intelligence is now being implemented into all forms of communication, and why that will be a game-changer for how companies operate and train employees moving forward. Enjoy this episode.

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