The future of Kubernetes, with Joe Beda

Joe Beda, principal engineer at VMware, discusses the initial development of Kubernetes, the future of K8, and how edge computing and service mesh will work together.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

S2 E18

24 May 2021


The future of Kubernetes, with Joe Beda

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May 24, 2021
The Future of Kubernetes

If you want to know about Kubernetes, you should probably talk to the guy who built, pitched and then implemented K8 at Google. So that’s who we called for this episode of Future of Tech. Joe Beda is one of the fathers of Kubernetes and on this episode he takes us behind the scenes of developing K8, including why they decided to open-source the technology to level the playing field of app deployment.

Today, Joe is a principal engineer at VMware, and he’s still making waves in tech, particularly in the world of open source. Joe explains that working on open source projects fosters a sense of community and leads to more win-win scenarios that include integrated solutions that work for every vendor.

Plus, Joe explains the future of edge computing and how service mesh and edge will work together. And, he talks about the future of Kubernetes and why the ultimate goal is to have Kubernetes become boring. Enjoy this episode!

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