The future of space travel and drones, with Yariv Bash

Yariv Bash, CEO of Flytrex Aviation, discusses his history with SpaceIL and building a rocket to the moon, and what he’s doing now with drone delivery in the commercial space.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

S2 E13

19 Apr 2021


The future of space travel and drones, with Yariv Bash

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Apr 19, 2021
The Future of Space Travel and Drones

To say that Yariv Bash has always aimed high would be a little bit too on the nose. Yariv is currently the co-founder and CEO of Flytrex Aviation, but he was also the first CEO of SpaceIL, a $100M Israeli non-profit organization that attempted to land the first private interplanetary robotic mission on the moon.

On this episode of Future of Tech, Yariv tells the story of the many obstacles he faced and “no’s” he heard on the way to building that rocket to the moon and he discusses what he sees for the future of space travel and inspiring the next generation of young engineers. Plus, he dives into the work he’s doing now with Flytrex and how drone technology is shaping up to change the way we live, have things delivered within a matter of minutes via drone, and much more.

There are challenges, though, including how drones will be regulated and what kind of safety and security needs to be put in place before they can fly over saturated cities. But Flytrex is already hard at work on those challenges, and Yariv gives some clues about where we’ll see drones overhead next and when. Enjoy this episode!


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