The future of understanding the future part 2, with Dr. David Passig

Dr. David Passig, a futurist, lecturer and consultant who specializes in technological, social and educational futures, discusses future studies and how technology is both a driver of and a result of human patterns.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

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10 May 2021


The future of understanding the future part 2, with Dr. David Passig

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May 10, 2021
The Future of Understanding the Future Part 2

On the last episode of Future of Tech, we introduced you to Dr. David Passig, a renowned futurist, who explained that future studies is less about predicting the future, and more about understanding the present in order to avoid negative outcomes and enhance positive ones.

Today, in Part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Passig, we continue the conversation about how technology will continue to shape the future of our world. Dr. Passig dives into the negative impacts of all technology, and gives an insight into the future of social media, plus, he details the stages of evolution and artificial intelligence, and how close we are to truly humanizing our artifacts in a meaningful way, including the sharing of social knowledge between technology.

Optimistic about the future despite the inherent dangers of technology,  Dr.Passig explains why he believes that the more we look ahead, the more we can prepare and unify humanity. Enjoy this episode!

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