Analyst report


Get ahead of the low-code trend in telecoms with Experience360

Chantel Cary, Senior Analyst Telco, IT & Operations


10 May 2021

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For communication service providers, customer experience is a make-or-break operation.

CSPs have long overlooked the customer experience, laying the groundwork for the telecoms industry to be disrupted by internet content providers like Facebook, Google, and others who pride themselves on the personalized experience they provide their customers.

It’s no wonder then that more than 96% of CSPs see personalizing the customer experience as an important challenge. At the same time, 97% of CSPs plan to invest in intelligent end-to-end customer engagement.

That’s why we’ve launched Experience360; a cross-channel UI design with journey mapping capabilities embedded with analytics to facilitate a personalized customer experience across engagement channels and the customer lifecycle. Learn more about its core features, including:

  • UI element gallery
  • View manager
  • Journey manager
  • Dynamic integration points

Read on to see how you can use these features – and why low-code solutions could become the industry’s next big buzzword.


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