Good deeds solutions in times of crisis

Good deeds solutions in times of crisis

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Avishai Sharlin

General Manager, Amdocs Technology

01 Jun 2020

Good deeds solutions in times of crisis

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Amdocs helps service providers enable their end users to make a difference with innovative charitable initiatives

In times of crisis like COVID-19, consumers look to brands that can make a difference to the communities they serve. They want to know they’re working with a company that is contributing to the greater good. Service providers around the globe are certainly playing their part in working to mitigate the effects of coronavirus.

Aside from ensuring the lifeblood of connectivity and access to crucial information and entertainment, service providers are also helping individual consumers weather this unprecedented pandemic. From allowing customers to accumulate bills without a late fee for three months, to providing temporary free internet bundles and OTT services, service providers are showing they’re attuned to their subscribers’ sudden financial needs.

At the same time, some service providers are enabling their customers to make a difference themselves with innovative charitable initiatives. At one operator in the Asia-Pacific region, subscribers can donate their unused data to young people without regular internet access. Working with their charity partners, these young people receive a prepaid SIM with data plus unlimited calls and texts. Every month, these subscribers’ data donations are pooled and then distributed as an added data boost to help these young people fully realize their potential.

We call this an Amdocs ‘good deeds’ solution. With a simple change request to our systems, which allows us to mark the donation with a dedicated code in the data warehouse, so that the donated data can be transferred to the SIM cards, we’ve enabled this particular operator to help over 13,000 young people, with over 700,000 GB of data donated so far.

Another “good deeds” solution, easily implemented at customers on Amdocs systems, is the Roundup Change, which enables customers to donate the change accumulated in their bill or make a donation and pass it on to their charity of choice.

Again this involves a service provider making a small change request to the system, after which their subscribers can choose to round up their bills to the next dollar and donate the accumulated sum to a non-profit organization or make a direct donation via their bill.

For the subscriber, rounding up the bill is literally a matter of small change, but the cumulative effect of such donations can be huge.


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