5G, Edge and IoT – the promise of future connectivity technology

Host Mike MacDade is joined at MWC Las Vegas by Intel’s Caroline Chan and Transforma Insights’ Matt Hatton.

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Mike MacDade, Chief of Staff, Amdocs

S7 E6

24 Nov 2023

5G, Edge and IoT – the promise of future connectivity technology

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Nov 24, 2023
5G, Edge and IoT – the promise of future connectivity technology

Welcome back to MWC Las Vegas. In this episode, Mike MacDade is joined by two special guests! First, he sits down with Caroline Chan, VP of the Network and Edge Group at Intel to discuss the use cases and human value to 5G, the intersection of evolution and taking a conservative approach, and the future of 5G edge. He is then joined by Matt Hatton, founding partner of Tranforma Insights.

“We put our money where our mouth is [about 5G investment]. And I believe that a lot of the operators also had meetings and have discussed on a board level. We definitely believe that this is going to happen. It's happening. And we got to see the benefit of this firsthand – enterprise in the private network. When you have a disaggregated network, when you have a cloud native network, the things that you're going to see in a cloud will materialize in the network that will directly benefit our enterprise customers.”

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Caroline Chan, Vice President, Network & Edge Group, Intel

Matt is an industry commentator and insider with years of knowledge and experience, which he brings to their conversation about where the telecommunications industry is, and where it's going. Caroline and Matt offer invaluable insights into the multifaceted applications of 5G, shedding light on the transformative role of AI in shaping these discussions. Also included are our new TGI Open Mic segments where attendees at MWC gave us their viewpoints on everything they were hearing, thinking and seeing at the conference.

“We wouldn't want anybody to think that we're saying that IoT is 99% of the value of A.I., but it's certainly absolutely critical we know what are the use cases that we see around autonomous driving or even fleet management.”

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Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

Thanks to TGI Open Mic contributors for this episode:
Ron Westfall, Research Director, Futurum Group
Sanjay Kumar Misra, Associate Vice President Telecom Media and Entertainment Sales, HCL Technologies


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