The future of cybersecurity and IT defense

Christian Espinosa, cybersecurity expert and best-selling author, discusses the state of cybersecurity today and what needs to be done to make organizations more secure in the future.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

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27 Sep 2021


The future of cybersecurity and IT defense

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Sep 27, 2021
The Future of Cybersecurity and IT Defense

You may have noticed that you’re hearing more about cybersecurity in the news than you have in the past. That’s because cyberattacks are growing in scope and frequency, and organizations large and small are beginning to understand exactly what is at risk when you have a vulnerable system.

Christian Espinosa has been aware of these risks for years, and he has been sounding the alarm to anyone who would listen. Christian has a background as a cybersecurity consultant, founded his own cybersecurity company, Alpine Security, and wrote a best-selling book about cybersecurity, and he shared his perspective on the subject with us on this episode of Future of Tech. Christian says that one of the major problems with cybersecurity today is that, in terms of defense, IT functions in the same way it has for a decade. So as cybercriminals get more sophisticated, the backend of many systems has remained stagnant, leaving organizations vulnerable to all manner of bad actors.

But Christian also offers solutions, including bringing a more hands-on approach to your organization, changing the way we all communicate about cybersecurity and the risks of leaving our technology vulnerable, and how to structure your departments and prioritize hiring to ensure that cybersecurity stands alone. Enjoy this episode.

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