Guided Disruption™ in Action: Transforming with GenAI

Navigating the Path to Innovation and Positive Change

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Mike MacDade, Chief of Staff, Amdocs

S2 E11

01 May 2024

Guided Disruption™ in Action: Transforming with GenAI

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May 2 2024

Embark on a journey of exploration with Mike MacDade, Yael Shur and Reetu Raina (former VP and Global Head of Talent Management at Amdocs) as they transform into the transformative concept of Guided Disruption . In this episode, discover compelling success stories and real-world applications that showcase how GenAI is reshaping industries and driving organizational evolution. Gain invaluable insights into the strategic deployment of AI to foster innovation while ensuring alignment with company goals and values. From navigating potential challenges to seizing opportunities for growth, this episode offers a comprehensive look at the role of Guided Disruption  in driving positive change.

Don't miss out on our AI co-host Alex's final question, designed to provoke thought and reflection on the future implications of AI-driven disruptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the concept of Guided Disruption , understanding its strategic implementation to foster innovation and drive positive organizational change.
  • Explore the delicate balance between the need for disruption and the importance of addressing employee and customer concerns to ensure successful AI integration.
  • Delve into the significance of data-driven insights and metrics in measuring the success of Guided Disruption  initiatives and facilitating ongoing improvements. 

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Guided Disruption™ is a term coined by Amdocs and is currently going through the trademark process.

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