Skills First: Redefining How We Work

Exploring the Shift to Skills-Based Organizations

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Yael Shur Shmueli, Head of HR Strategy and Technology, Amdocs

S2 E12

22 May 2024

Skills First: Redefining How We Work

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May 22 2024

Join Yael Shur, Alex, the AI co-host, and Ora Nussbaum, a program manager in Amdocs People leading transformation Projects in HR, as they dive into the paradigm shift towards Skills-Based Organizations. Gain valuable insights into the fundamentals and practical applications of skills-based organizations, exploring their implementation and the benefits they offer. From understanding the core principles to real-world examples at Amdocs, this episode offers a comprehensive exploration of the future of work.

Key Points:

  • Definition of Skills-Based Organizations: Learn how a skills-based organization structures itself around the skills and knowledge of its employees rather than traditional job roles or hierarchies.
  • Practical Implementation at Amdocs: Discover how Amdocs is leveraging Eightfold's Career Hub to empower employees by recognizing and utilizing their skills effectively.
  • Benefits for Employees: Explore the personalized learning and development opportunities offered by a skills-based approach, as well as the potential for gig economy-style projects within the organization.
  • Benefits for Managers: Understand how managers can leverage insights into their team's skills to foster individual growth, close knowledge gaps, and support career aspirations effectively.

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