Spirit in motion, featuring Sandy Dukat

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S3 E4

10 Aug 2021

Spirit in motion, featuring Sandy Dukat

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I'm thankful for my lifelong care and I don't want others to go without that care. It's not a luxury to get a prosthetic. It's a healthcare necessity.

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Sandy Dukat

American Paralympic athlete

Aug 10, 2021
Spirit in motion, featuring Sandy Dukat

On this episode of the Great Indoors, Matt sits down with Sandy Dukat, an American Paralympic athlete. After having her leg amputated above the knee at the age of four, Sandy went on to compete internationally in swimming, triathlon and running. She won a series of medals at the Salt Lake City Paralympic Games in 2002 and at the Turin Paralympic Games in 2006, and until 2013, held the marathon world record for above-knee amputee women.

During the episode, Sandy shares her impactful story, and discusses some of the initiatives she supports like RAMP and Adaptive Spirit, which help athletes and individuals who require prosthetic limbs. Finally, Sandy shares what she’s most looking forward to for the 16th Annual Paralympic Games happening this summer.

Learn more
Adaptive Spirit, helping adaptive athletes achieve Olympic glory for he past 25 years: https://www.adaptivespirit.com/

ROMP, prosthetic care for the underserved: https://www.rompglobal.org/


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