Spiritual Renewal: A visit to India, featuring Sandeep Mall

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S2 E9

13 Apr 2021


Spiritual Renewal: A visit to India, featuring Sandeep Mall

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I reversed my all the problems that I had without any medication. I was able to reverse my all these diseases and lifestyle diseases.

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Sandeep Mall


Apr 13, 2021
Spiritual Renewal: A visit to India - with Sandeep Mall

On this episode of The Great Indoors, Matt is joined by Sandeep Mall. Among other things, Sandeep is a fitness guru, social media influencer, and an avid and accomplished wildlife photographer. After a near fatal car accident influenced him to change his life for the better, Sandeep has lived his life inspired not only to see change but to be change. He began actively pursuing his passions and forgotten interests, much like many people have been doing during over the past year.

On this episode, Sandeep and Matt discuss how people are using their interests to cope with lockdown (like baking sourdough bread!), how society in India has been coping with the pandemic, how technology has helped them through it, and the social efforts to normalize things and promote mental health through COVID-19.

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To learn more about Sandeep visit his website: https://sandeepmall.com/


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