Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) for 5G

A 5G core network function that collects data from other network functions of the 5G core and provides analytics services to support network automation, closed-loop operations, self-healing, experience improvement and reporting. NWDAF is network-aware and can interface with various functions to collect events that could be of interest for analysis.

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High-performance, flexible and standards-based 5G network analytics

With a scalable, optimized and distributed architecture, NWDAF leverages standards-based interfaces to collect and manage data and events from other network functions.

NWDAF’s analytics services help automate and deliver network optimization, cost efficiency and resource management to meet SLAs and quality-of-service guarantees. Utilizing intelligent modelling on refined data streams and ingested statistics, it supports a broad spectrum of analytics capabilities ranging from threshold-driven analytics to more sophisticated algorithm-based analytics.



  • Compatible with a broad set of 5G network functions

    Interoperability capabilities for a broad range of 5G as well as 4G functions: whatever the starting point, we’ll help you to optimize your ambitions for NWDAF.

  • Agility to launch and manage services faster

    Cloud-native and microservices-based architecture provides flexibility and control, as part of a future-proof approach.

  • Hybrid network and ecosystem proven

    Industry-leading deployment experience in multi-cloud environments and alongside multi-vendor network functions.

  • Deep experience with telecom analytics

    Based on deep knowledge and experience of telecom-specific analytics and machine learning.


Datasheet: NWDAF
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