Deliver premium content to your consumers

More than ever, service providers are facing major cost challenges, technology hurdles and delays to deliver a complete entertainment experience for viewers.

To overcome the need for substantial time, effort and investment, a best-of-breed Content Cloud solution provides the opportunity to quickly drive VOD OTT market growth or enhance service providers’ existing entertainment offerings. 

The smart way to deliver video

With access to ready-to-use content catalogs from major and indie studios across multiple territories, Content Cloud is a centralized source that delivers video content to any platform or multi-screen end user and reduces costs for content processing. It’s anchored in analytics to improve business performance, and enables service providers to rapidly launch new services, business models and support new types of end-devices.

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  • Licensing scale and expertise

    Established relationships with all major and indie studios, along with preferential licensing deal terms, enable maximum content volume with the curation expertise to monetize it.

  • Eliminate time and resources for content processing

    Leverage economies of scale for content ingest, transcoding, metadata, compliance, localization, and much more – with no need for costly on-premise equipment.

  • Multiple deployment configurations to meet customer requirements

    Content Cloud Platform-as-a-Service is online video platform-agnostic and can integrate with any front-end platform, providing maximum flexibility.

  • Analytics and business intelligence improves performance

    Detailed performance insights include user behaviors, content trends, and various platform, system, and operational metrics, plus the ability to integrate custom data points.

  • Future-proof for seamless service evolution

    Service providers can evolve rapidly to handle new services, new business models, and new types of end devices.

  • Overcome OPEX/ROI challenges

    A powerful and cost-efficient content solution, which improves security, multi-DRM workflows and is all covered under one SLA.

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