Subscription lifecycle management

You’ve launched a subscription business model – and it’s delivering results. Your subscriber base enjoys your service and your recurring revenue looks great on the books. But it seems like a new competitor launches every month. Customer acquisition costs keep rising, which is especially worrying in the face of increasing churn. Meanwhile, slowing growth reflects the difficulty of reaching potential customers beyond your core audience. Staying ahead of the competition requires that you find new (and cost-effective) ways to attract customers. You need to build loyalty fast, so subscribers stay with your service... 

Does that sound familiar? Then you need a subscription lifecycle management solution that brings together subscription billing, partner bundling and management, as well as user identity and journey management. 

Drive engagement and user retention

Such a solution will enable you to explore new models like subscription bundles as you build your customer base with go-to-market flexibility and insights gained from centralized data. 

Vindicia’s cloud-native SaaS subscription lifecycle management platform allows OTTs, and subscription service providers to launch and grow their services. Crucially, it empowers them to sustain that growth with enhanced user experiences that drive engagement and user retention.

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  • Fuel subscription growth

    Scale faster with go-to-market and subscription offering flexibility and global implementation support.

  • Build value for your consumers – and your company

    Create subscription bundles with partners that build audiences, loyalty and engagement – driving revenue and retention.

  • Empower users

    Boost engagement and retention with frictionless user journeys.

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