Enhance your Amdocs products and start seeing the benefits of cloud.

To allow all our customers to benefit from the advantages of cloud, Amdocs has designed pathways to the cloud for Amdocs customers running non cloud native products released before 2019. These include:

  • Adding products from Amdocs CES21 suite
  • Modernizing deployments of CES10 and earlier CES releases
  • Replatforming of Amdocs Ensemble
  • Modernizing Amdocs Kenan
  • Migration of non-Amdocs legacy products

The cloud journey varies depending on the specific product, version and migration strategy at each customer.

CES21 - transformation

For communications service providers undergoing a digital transformation, our flagship offering - CES21 – is the default choice. Whether you want to strengthen your digital commerce initiatives, beef up your customers’ digital experience throughout every engagement and touchpoint, or launch advanced 5G offerings to quickly monetize your network investment, Amdocs Customer Experience Suite delivers full flexibility to define your transformation strategy and modernization path based on your business priorities. With our microservices-based, open and modular portfolio that’s aligned with industry standards, we will modernize your legacy stack and accelerate your journey towards cloud-native business applications and network.

CES is modular, cloud-native, 5G ready, BSS-OSS, based on a modern microservices architecture. You can deploy CES21 as a suite or deploy individual products of the suite such as Amdocs Catalog (formerly CatalogONE) and Amdocs Commerce & Care Suite (formerly DigitalONE), over time, in a gradual migration approach, as you modernize your BSS-OSS and port it to the cloud.

CES to CES Cloud - modernization

If you are running earlier versions of Amdocs CES, such as CES8, CES9 and CES10, you can replatform your CES products to deliver benefits of the cloud and follow an ongoing roadmap till becoming a cloud-native solution. Following the initial migration, the roadmap includes addition of cloud-native products as well as reduced costs for data center, support, hardware modernization, software license optimization, database migration, elasticity and more.

This CES cloud roadmap delivers:

  • Ability to run your current CES on public cloud
  • Up to nine-years of product support and extension support for third party software
  • High Availability, Resiliency, and Disaster Recovery via public cloud multi-availability zones
  • Roadmap towards cloud native CES21
  • Option to outsource the operation of the cloud platform to Amdocs
  • Option to replace the database with a managed database service

Ensemble replatforming

For service providers that are running Ensemble, Amdocs offers a replatforming solution that migrates both the systems of engagement – such as the CRM, self-service and Price Plan - and the systems of record – such as Billing, Accounts Receivable & Collections, Document Designer, MAF (Message Acquisition & Formatting) etc., to the public cloud. By replatforming Ensemble, service providers can benefit from many advantages of public cloud including multi-zone high availability, improved resiliency and disaster recovery, a reduction in outages, auto-scaling, storage optimization, CI/CD deployments, monitoring and operations tools and more.

As part of this replatforming, we adopt virtualization, move from Cobol to C/Java, move from Unix to Linux and also update the third party software which improves the security posture.

Optionally, service providers can migrate the Oracle database to a modern cloud database such as Postgres.

Kenan - Modernization / transform to billing as subscription

Kenan version 6 now offers full cloud support with more than 150 new enhancements and features including: comprehensive & modern security, DevOps with highly automated CI/CD (one-click deployment), open source based (eliminating 3rd party licenses), open APIs, significant performance improvements (e.g. 88% performance improvement in rating) and a solid roadmap for future versions.

Customers who choose to deploy on public cloud enjoy high availability and redundancy, integration with the latest cloud security tools, cloud infrastructure resource optimizations and easy integration with the cloud eco-system and tools. Deployment can be either on public cloud, private cloud or on premises.

Customers now have two engagement options for Kenan modernization:

  • Transition to a billing subscription model which eliminates cost uncertainties of transformation projects by modernizing and operating through a subscriber-based financial model
  • Project-based upgrade

Kenan 6 also offers new features such as fully convergent billing across any service and any LoB (B2C/B2B/wholesale/IoT), hybrid plans (private/work), complex account hierarchies, pay on behalf etc.

CES - relocate

Service providers looking to rapidly gain benefits of cloud while minimizing investment and project complexity, can adopt a virtualization approach which involves rehosting the Amdocs applications on VMWare.

Migrating other (non-DOX) applications to the Cloud?

Service providers tend to have large and complex IT environments, with multiple software stacks resulting from mergers and acquisitions, as well as systems that support multiple layers of technology (e.g. 3G, 4G etc). Building a migration strategy for such complex environments can be extremely challenging, especially where security, regulatory requirements and business continuity are essential.

Through Amdocs’ cloud strategy consulting and migration services, we can help you design and execute your cloud adoption strategy and roadmap, leveraging our expertise in cloud and telco, for both Amdocs and non Amdocs products. Through our cloud operations services, Amdocs can also reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of your ongoing operations.


  • Retain your current versions of Amdocs BSS-OSS and see cloud benefits

    Benefit from cloud capabilities like automation, elasticity, resilience, etc., without replacing your CES, Ensemble and Kenan products.

  • Improved customer experience

    The cloud is an economic innovation, and every benefit will translate into an economic impact that multiplies and builds on itself by increasing customer engagement.

  • Preserve your investments in BSS-OSS

    Save the capital expenditure of a digital transformation and reduce throwaway.

  • Stagger the cost of cloud adoption

    Take a phased approach to cloud adoption, progress at your own pace, minimize the IT trauma and keep costs under control.

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Your future looks breath-taking from here.


Simplify the complex, deliver the brilliant.


Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


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