Get a slice of the 5G action

Get a slice of the 5G action

Accelerate 5G monetization with business-focused, automated and adaptive network slice lifecycle management

5G brings new and exciting monetization opportunities for CSPs as they continue to transform on their journey to the cloud and future networks. Moving from the traditional 3G/4G ‘one size fits all’ approach to a business model based on network slices spanning the network end-to-end from the core to the cloud is revolutionary. Services can be configured to the specific needs of disparate customers, applications and industry verticals. This opens up innovative revenue streams with targeted customer experience but also introduces significant complexity with the need to manage slices, services and network resources end-to-end across network domains and multiple vendors.

Amdocs 5G Slice Manager helps service providers address these operational challenges through:

  • Business and customer-centric slice segmentation
  • End to end lifecycle automation for cross-domain, multi-vendor network slicing
  • Adaptive network and processes, responsive in real-time

Amdocs’ end-to-end network slice lifecycle management and monetization solution, integrated with ordering and charging, helps service providers achieve operational efficiencies and optimized return on investment as well as cutting time to market and reducing the cost and risk of innovation.

Find out why network slicing is a 5G monetization gamechanger and how Amdocs 5G Slice Manager can help you get a slice of the 5G action.



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Accelerate 5G monetization with end-to-end, business-focused network slice lifecycle management.


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Discover the range of 5G monetization opportunities.

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