Services & Agile Operations


  • Streamline hybrid ecosystem complexities

    Move from manual and multiple-touch operations to zero touch, and address problems before they occur

  • Increase agility across the entire ecosystem

    Modernize and future-proof your entire IT ecosystem by migrating to microservices and DevOps onboarding

  • Transform your business into a data-driven leader

    Harness data from multiple sources, manage and govern it efficiently, and apply advanced analytics

  • Be secure in an evolving threat landscape

    Protect your business and customers in real time from fraud and cyber security challenges

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    Next-Gen IT Operations

    Overcoming the bi-modal operations challenge.

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    Next-Generation IT - Aligning multiple domains to deliver agility

    Ovum discusses service providers' increasing need for speed and agility.

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    Vodafone India uses automation to improve billing efficiency

    Amdocs Intelligent Operations, part of AmdocsONE, automates Vodafone India’s billing operations to enable a superior customer experience.

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    Rogers cut costs by 40% with teradata data warehouse migration

    Rogers needed an implementation whose impact on the BI landscape, including the upstream and downstream systems, would be minimal

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    Managing Future Operational Risks

    New opportunities bring new risks. See how service providers can grow faster and more safely with minimal risk.

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    Reduce Operational Risks

    Watch as revenue assurance and fraud management personnel quickly stop revenue leakage and a fraud attempt