We all have unconscious biases...

...sets of beliefs and social stereotypes we hold about certain groups of people. This is a natural part of our cognitive mechanisms designed to allow us to process quickly all the information around us and avoid dangers. But when it comes to rational, merit-based decision making, our biases do not necessarily serve us.

Check out our digital activity to have a reflective moment with yourself around your own unconscious biases, and help create a more equitable and inclusive society.

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What we do at Amdocs about unconscious bias

At Amdocs we view working against our own biases as a business imperative - it is key to an inclusive and productive work environment, to accelerating innovation and creativity and to attracting and developing the right talent.

We've designed practices and tools to monitor gender equality between employees serving in the same position, role and seniority, aimed to be considered during our people-related processes, including performance evaluation, salary revisions and annual bonuses, designed to eliminate unconscious bias in these processes. This is being done in real-time through technological tools and a detailed calibration process that ensures the gender balance in decisions being made, matches the gender balance of our populations, in the different units and across all managerial layer.

We also have inclusive leadership trainings for managers, and this year we will be introducing unconscious bias trainings for all employees as part of our annual business conduct campaign.

Working to eliminate unconscious bias is just one of the pillars of our gender equality framework:  we have multiple programs designed to proactively identify women internally for roles where we have low representation and for leadership roles, complemented by programs for leadership development, networking and mentoring for women, as well as "start early" initiatives for the encouragement of girls' STEM education worldwide.  

And here are some of our highlights:

  • Women represent 33% of our workforce, an increase of 6.5% in 3 years, and above the industry benchmark of 28%.
  • Half of our quality engineers are women (50%).
  • Female team leads in the company increased 20% over the last two years, reaching up to 31% representation.
  • We’ve been included in the 2023 Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index, positioning us as a top performing company around gender equality and won additional recognition in India and beyond.

What can you do for inclusion?

  • First, be conscious about unconscious bias

    Acknowledge its existence & educate yourself about it.

  • Examine and question your immediate intuition about people

    Try to think why you are more easily connecting with some people over others.

  • Don’t assume everyone's experience is similar to yours

    Try to embrace other perspectives and ask respectful question to learn more about those.

  • Create structure to every decision making process

    Don’t just go with your gut, make sure there are clear merit-based criteria for decisions being made.

  • Call out bias as a bystander

    Be an ally of inclusion in your own workplace (and any other setting).

  • Create opportunities for diverse voices to be heard

    Notice who is missing around the table or who is not being heard and help create a stage for diverse voices.

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On this International Women's Day, we are working towards breaking our unconscious biases.
Remember, we all have them.
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