Amdocs eSIM Cloud wins Best IoT Initiative 2020 at Capacity Media’s Global Carrier Award

Capacity Media

22 Oct 2020

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Amdocs eSIM Cloud wins Best IoT Initiative at Capacity Media’s Global Carrier Awards for the industry’s first end-to-end digital/eSIM solution

“...truly excellent, important and very significant for IoT – the holy grail of eSIM”

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Capacity Media

October, 2020 - The industry’s first end-to-end eSIM solution for downloading the profile and managing the lifecycle of a digital SIM, Amdocs eSIM Cloud has just been recognized for its powerful industry impact and unique capabilities by winning Capacity Media’s Global Carrier award for Best IoT Initative.

“Amdocs has skyrocketed to the top of our judges rankings for its very impressive eSIM milestones. Our judges described the company’s work as ‘truly excellent, important and very significant for IoT – the holy grail of eSIM’” – Capacity Media


83.2% CSPs think eSIM is good for business

The plastic SIM card is one of the last CSP assets which is still being managed manually. But digitalizing the SIM management journey, using embedded SIM technology is finally being seen as a must-have:

“83.2% of CSPS think eSIM is good for business…The perfect eSIM solution is a platform that supports all devices, from smartphones to companion devices to those devices yet to be invented” – Dario Talmesio, Research Director, Omdia

The advantages of an end-to-end pre-integrated solution

  • Integrate Once, Connect To Many, with no further investment needed: Pre-integration with eSIM database vendors and leading OEMs means CSPs can easily join the eSIM Cloud platform and launch any eSIM-enabled device with no further investment
  • It acts as a one-stop shop for the OEMs, optimizing how CSPs and OEMs can work together for the benefit of end-customers
  • eSIM Cloud takes only 4-8 weeks to deploy, compared to the six months (and subsequent expense) usually required to develop and deploy an end-to-end inhouse solution
  • The platform is responsible for integration, orchestration, UI and experience management and integration to the BSS, allowing CSPs to start their eSIM journey at low risk and with close-to-zero investment
  • It supports all lines of business, roaming, and all activation methods
  • End-customers enjoy the simplest and quickest SIM-management experience for all channels

It's definitely the right time for digital SIMs

The COVID-19 outbreak significantly increased the need for managing SIM cards digitally . Lockdowns forced people to stay home and CSP retail outlets to close which severely limited access to Points of Sale, preventing people from going out to buy a new plastic SIM or replace a malfunctioning one – delivery of a SIM could take two days, while an eSIM download takes only two minutes.

Omdia Research estimate that some of the losses in the telecoms sector at this time could have been mitigated by digital sales that only eSIM could have supported.

It’s definitely the right time for digital SIMs and an additional reason why the judges felt that the impact, unique advantages and capabilities of Amdocs eSIM Cloud add up to the Best IOT Initiative of 2020.



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