Why Amdocs Bet on eSIM Technology and Why It's Changing the World

In a world where everything is becoming digital, it's surprising that our way of connecting to mobile networks has stayed stuck in the past.

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Yuval Mayron, General Manager, Amdocs IoT

Why Amdocs Bet on eSIM Technology and Why It's Changing the World

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Here’s why we placed our bet on eSIM and how it’s making a difference.


For years, we have relied on plastic SIM cards to link our devices to networks. But now, with the introduction of eSIM (embedded SIM) technology, this is finally changing. At Amdocs, we anticipated this change and invested heavily in eSIM, believing it would transform the telecom industry. 

Bringing Connectivity into the Digital Age

It’s about time that connectivity itself became a digital service. In a world where we do almost everything online, it seems outdated to depend on a physical SIM card to access mobile networks. eSIM technology removes the need for plastic cards, allowing users to activate and switch carriers remotely. This is similar to how we’ve moved from physical CDs to streaming music—simplifying the process, reducing waste, and making it more convenient for users. With eSIM, connectivity is finally catching up with the rest of the digital world.

Changing How Telcos View eSIM

At first, many telecom companies saw eSIM as a threat. They worried it would make it too easy for customers to switch providers. This fear caused them to hesitate in adopting the technology. But this viewpoint missed the bigger picture. Instead of fearing competition, telcos should see eSIM as an opportunity to innovate and expand their services. Embracing eSIM, along with new technologies like 5G and IoT, can make cellular connectivity the default for all devices, everywhere.

New Possibilities with eSIM

eSIM brings features that plastic SIM cards simply can’t offer. For example, it can lock a network profile to a specific device, creating new ways for telcos and device makers to work together. This makes the user experience more secure and integrated. With eSIM, managing and securing connectivity becomes easier, which is crucial for environments like campuses, factories, and hospitals. These benefits make eSIM a strong contender to replace Wi-Fi in many places.

Redefining the Connectivity Market

eSIM technology is set to change how we distribute connectivity. It shifts the question of "who owns the customer," allowing various brands to sell connectivity plans without the user knowing who the actual provider is. This change is already making the market more competitive and focused on customer needs. As more people adopt eSIM, we expect the number of connected devices to jump from 5-8 billion to an incredible 20-30 billion.

Amdocs' Early Move into eSIM

Six years ago, Amdocs saw the potential of eSIM and started developing a platform to support this major shift. We knew eSIM would significantly impact how telcos operate, from development and support to managing and distributing digital connectivity. We envisioned a fully digital world where adding connectivity is instant and seamless, benefiting everyone from consumers to businesses.

With over 35 years of experience in customer service, we understood the challenges in delivering such transformative experiences. We saw that device makers were advancing quickly and needed a way to integrate all the new players in the eSIM ecosystem. This led us to create the Amdocs eSIM cloud platform, now the leading solution worldwide, serving dozens of telcos and the leading device manufacturers.

The Future is Here

Our eSIM platform isn’t just about downloading network profiles; it’s about providing an excellent experience. That requires lots of integration and development, transforming business processes and adopting new methods. The first stage of course, is to provide everything the plastic SIM is offering today, and then of course, move to offer new exciting experiences. Our early investment in eSIM, combined with bold company support, positioned Amdocs at the forefront of this revolution. Today, our platform supports hundreds of millions of mobile users globally, helping telcos leverage cellular connectivity in the ongoing battle against other network types.

eSIM technology is not just the future; it’s already here, driving a new era of flexible, secure, and user-friendly connectivity. As we continue to innovate, Amdocs is dedicated to leading this change, ensuring that connectivity evolves to meet the demands of our digital world.


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