Amdocs wins TM Forum Excellence Award in the Human Factor category

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07 Oct 2020

Amdocs wins TM Forum Excellence Award in the Human Factor category

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Amdocs wins TM Forum’s Excellence Award (Human Factor) for successfully transforming its culture to accelerate service providers’ move to the cloud

Our people are at the heart of any transformation

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Anthony Goonetilleke

Group president, strategy and technology, Amdocs

October, 2020 - Recognizing Amdocs’ outstanding success in completely transforming its culture to accelerate service providers’ move to the cloud, industry association TM Forum have selected Amdocs as the winner of its prestigious Excellence Award in the Human Factor category.

The award was announced at this year’s Digital Transformation World series digital conference during the event’s opening Headliners keynote session on October 7.

In an interview with TM Forum to celebrate receiving the award, Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs Group President – Strategy & Technology explained: “We made a very intentional effort to pivot our company to accelerate the way we deliver value to our customers, and that included our people… Our people are at the heart of any transformation.”

This transformation involved changing the entire company’s culture, including shifting Amdocs’ portfolio to a cloud-native, microservices-based architecture; adopting open-source technology in product development processes, significantly contributing to industry open-source consortiums, leveraging AI in global support functions, and changing the way Amdocs works by adopting DevSecOps methodologies.


  • Increasing R&D velocity by more than 50% year-on-year
  • Rapid iterations – functionality now delivered in days, instead of months, and microservices in as little as an hour
  • Customers’ adoption time cut by more than 100% year on year due to new capabilities
  • Testing automation close to 100% of development and deployment efforts
  • More than 10,000 employees now DevOps qualified
  • DevOps working maturity achieved in over 75% of customer engagements

Adapt, and adapt fast

Organizations need to adapt and adapt fast in order to swiftly address different business behaviors noted Avishai Sharlin, president of Amdocs Technology. Amdocs, he continued, changed completely to become a modern, digitized organization to better serve its customers. Although adoption of new technology is crucial in this journey, so are people. One thing that was clear to Amdocs from the first day, said Sharlin, was that it all relates to culture.“It’s all about the human factor” inside an organization, changing parts of the company’s DNA to embrace openness.

Strength in diversity

Diversity too, is important, stressed Goonetilleke, proudly pointing out that 40 percent of the company is managed by female leaders. “We’re very intentional in terms of diversity and we think it’s a kind of secret ingredient” for our success.


“Congratulations to Amdocs for its achievement in this year’s TM Forum Excellence Awards,” said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum. “This year’s winners exemplify commitment to the evolution of the industry through digital transformation, and the impact of TM Forum best practices and standards developed through our member Collaboration Community. Our sincere congratulations to Amdocs for playing its part in accelerating digital transformation, and our thanks for its commitment to TM Forum, our members and the telecoms industry as a whole.”



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