Openet, an Amdocs Company, wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Frost & Sullivan

07 Dec 2020

Openet, an Amdocs Company, wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

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Openet, an Amdocs Company, is lauded by Frost & Sullivan for its 5G, open and cloud-native BSS for service providers

Overall, solution flexibility, thought leadership, and speed to market set Openet apart in a competitive industry

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Vikrant Gandhi

Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst

December, 2020 - Frost & Sullivan has recognized Openet, an Amdocs Company, with their 2020 Global Digital BSS Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award, describing Openet’s company’s open-source and cloud-native BSS for communication service providers (CSPs) as a testament to its innovative product architecture, proven implementations, and commitment to product enhancements. Openet’s solutions support 5G applications, as well as reusable microservices-based architecture enable it to address highly demanding use cases.

Open, microservices-based, cloud-native technology

In August 2020 Openet was acquired by Amdocs. With a shared commitment to open, microservices based, cloud-native technology, Amdocs and Openet are working together to accelerate the move to the cloud and are enabling CSPs to be able to generate new 5G revenues, open new markets and deliver a richer 5G experience to their customers.

Outstanding results from the field

“By implementing Openet’s solutions, CSPs have achieved a more than 40 percent reduction in time to market for new service offerings. They have also generated an approximate 30 percent hike in offer uptake and experienced a double-digit increase in mobile data revenues,” noted Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Vikrant Gandhi. “Overall, solution flexibility, thought leadership, and speed to market set Openet apart in a competitive industry and are helping it identify and address customers’ unmet needs.”

It's all about 5G expertise and support

“To address the volume, latency, and dynamic needs of 5G applications, Openet products are built using cloud-native principles and are designed to be distributed,” explained Gandhi. “They can support flexible deployments at the core and edge. This flexibility allows operators to monetize different features of the network, such as quality of service and latency and explore new opportunities in B2B, IoT, smart cities, and Industry 4.0”.

Gandhi continued: “Openet’s 5G policy and charging functions are integrated into the service catalogs of existing BSS stacks and the 5G network and provide a 5G Value Plane that links the IT and business functions in CSPs to 5G networks. The Openet 5G Data Bridge facilitates conversion from 4G to 5G and vice versa whereas the Openet Data Fabric aids the integration of all data sources into a common format and processes it to deliver purposeful data sets for specific business needs.”

Openet demonstrates its expertise in 5G solutions with the introduction of its Evolved Charging Suite, a cloud-native, real-time system that enables distributed 5G charging. A truly agile system, the suite offers the monetization flexibility and performance characteristics for 5G and hybrid 4G/5G environments that customers desire. The suite supports new business models and hybrid 4G/5G deployments to help CSPs migrate efficiently to full 5G core deployments. In addition, the Openet Policy Controller includes various editable blueprints, which are out-of-box policy templates for automated service and slice lifecycle management.

Three more reasons to win...

  • Openet employs an extensive library of reusable microservices to deliver superior product configurability and accelerate speed to market. Its microservices-based offerings can be monetized according to CSPs’ preferred commercial models to deliver pricing flexibility and greater value.
  • Significantly, Openet has enabled phased delivery of large digital BSS projects so CSPs can rapidly expand and innovate, while seamlessly updating existing platforms and components.
  • Furthermore, strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, ensure that Openet’s virtualized solutions can be deployed universally.

An award for best-practice excellence

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in devising and implementing a robust growth strategy. The recipient exemplifies innovation in products and technologies, leadership in customer value, and speed in response to market needs. The award benchmarking process evaluates emerging market players and recognizes the best practices that position them for future growth excellence.



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