Adopt innovative new products and services with an intelligent 5G infrastructure

5G has the potential to unleash an array of revenue-rich services and business models.

To realize 5G’s competitive advantage and deliver innovative services to customers and partners, you need flexible engines with agile, cloud-native capabilities that intelligently manage and monetize your network.

From ground-breaking consumer offerings to the latest enterprise solutions, we provide an end-to-end, automated approach to service lifecycle management, data analytics, network exposure, and monetization – transforming your network into an agile, revenue-generating platform at the heart of the 5G ecosystem.

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  • Rapidly launch innovative new services

    Leverage unique 5G, edge and cloud assets to go to market faster than competitors.

  • Optimize network monetization with business-IT-network exposure

    Be ready and able to support any 5G service, business model or partner – at speed.

  • Fully diversify your offerings

    Grow beyond connectivity, realizing new revenues and strengthening customer retention.

  • Seize a higher position in the value chain

    Become the natural first choice by guaranteeing differentiated performance per service and partner.

  • Comprehensively increase operational efficiency

    Automate end-to-end lifecycle management of 5G services across multiple networks, cloud domains and vendor technologies.

  • Empower data analytics with 5G’s low latency and high speedb

    Enable the collection, cleaning and interrogation of huge volumes of data in near real-time.

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