Vubiquity’s Content Cloud wins Media Excellence Award for Best Delivery Platform

Amdocs Vubiquity’s Content Cloud – a cloud-based content solution for efficient, global OTT cross-platform delivery – wins the Media Excellence Award in the Delivery Platform category.


01 Mar 2022

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Vubiquity’s Content Cloud wins Media Excellence Award for Best Delivery Platform

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At the 14th Annual Media Excellence Awards which honor and celebrate the best in technology entertainment, the industry has recognized the innovation and significant benefits behind Vubiquity’s Content Cloud with the MEA 2022 Delivery Platform award.

The winners were chosen, explained MEA CEO & Founder Sarah Miller, based on their “outstanding performance and dedication to excellence through innovation, technology, and design”, with Miller going on to describe them as “an inspiration to keep creating, building and pushing forward to disrupt and grow the future of technology, entertainment and lifestyle”. 

Instant cloud-based access to ready-to-use content catalogues

A clever cloud-based content solution for efficient, global OTT cross-platform delivery, Content Cloud gives service providers instant cloud-based access to ready-to-use content catalogs from major and indie studios across multiple territories via a centralized source that delivers to any OVP platform or multi-screen end user.

Content Cloud from Vubiquity (an Amdocs company) enables communication service providers to overcome the usual major OPEX/ROI challenges, technology hurdles and delays involved in delivering a complete entertainment experience.

“We understand the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the determination and perseverance it takes to stand out”

Sarah Miller

CEO, Axis PR & Entertainment; CEO & Founder, MEA

It gives them the opportunity to quickly drive VOD OTT market growth or enhance their existing entertainment offerings by dramatically reducing the substantial time, effort, and investment that is usually required around content licensing, processing and distribution.

A unique content solution for cross-platform delivery, Content Cloud is powered by a platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-based, multi-tenant modular system that is API-driven and runs on the public cloud, letting service providers monetize pre-processed VOD assets and CableLabs’ compliant metadata.

Award winning benefits include:

  • Supports multiple options and content-delivery use cases.
  • Gives service providers future-proof flexibility amid a rapidly shifting technology landscape.
  • Fast go-to-market for VOD OTT service launches and enhancements - Content Cloud’s public cloud-hosted repository, pre-loaded with multi-language premium-content libraries from major and indie studios means quick and efficient onboarding.
  • Significant CAPEX/OPEX savings with multi-country coverage – workloads in the cloud result in better business agility, global accessibility, higher performance, and scalability, and reduce dedicated network infrastructure distribution requirements.
  • Powerful content-processing capabilities
  • Flexible deployment options and seamless service evolution
  • Content licensing with economies of scale means service providers can now avoid time-consuming and costly resources needed for content acquisition, planning, royalty reporting and settlements.
  • Advanced analytics and business intelligence
  • Content Cloud’s PaaS approach enables service providers to rapidly evolve to handle new services, new business/monetization models, and new types of end-devices – without disruption!
  • In contrast to other existing approaches, Content Cloud components do not need to be maintained on the service providers’ premises

About the Media Excellence Awards

Now in its 14th year, the MEAs honor those who create ground-breaking technology to better our lives and celebrate the hard work, determination, perseverance, creativity, impact and brilliance in the leadership within the companies which create the new world we live in today.


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