Amdocs Quality Engineering Services CTO Speaks at Micro Focus Conference

Dror Avrilingi shares how quality engineering can successfully shift left in order to support the business in their DevOps and digital transformation journey.

Lisa Wolf

10 Dec 2020

Amdocs Quality Engineering Services CTO Speaks at Micro Focus Conference

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“DevOps and agile transformation is easier said than done.” This was the leading message of Amdocs Quality Engineering Services (AQE) CTO, Dror Avrilingi, during his address at the recent virtual Micro Focus conference, streamed live from Russia.

When it comes to adopting DevOps and agile processes, we at AQE are encouraged by the enthusiasm of many of our customers who have been quick on the mark to adopt them. The first step, which they accomplished with diligence, was decentralizing their testing organizations and shifting their testers “left”. Yet when it came to the next step – having these testers work effectively in the scrum teams - many simply got “stuck.” The problem was that they weren’t working with the right process, technology or skillsets. Also lacking was integration with the greater ecosystem, as well as having an E2E architecture and governance in place.


"DevOps and agile transformation is easier said than done."

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Dror Avrilingi

CTO, Amdocs Quality Engineering (AQE)

Recognizing this as an area where we had the skills and experience to really add value, the AQE CTO office set out to develop a decentralization blueprint, which we called “New Ways of Working.” It sought to train our customers – as well as ourselves – how to work successfully in DevOps mode, with three major objectives. The first was to develop the right enablers to test simulations earlier in the development process. The second was to create the right platforms and governance to scale across the organization in order to provide benefits at the enterprise level. The third was to assess testers’ and developers’ skillsets, and build a plan to bridge the gaps.

With this blueprint in hand, AQE designed a roadmap for our customers, enabling them to take the decentralization process to new levels, implement true continuous testing in DevOps mode, and as a result, increase time to market while improving the quality of their releases. In addition, being given the opportunity to share our story at Micro Focus’ conference highlighted our value both as their partner, as well as an industry thought leader.

We encourage you to watch Dror Avrilingi’s webcast, where he reviews recent market trends in quality engineering, and shares how we implemented our New Ways of Working blueprint in both our own, as well as our customers’, DevOps, automation, and AI/ML transformation journey.


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