Amdocs Redefines Customer Interactions and Employee Experience

With its Innovative Customer Engagement Platform
Amdocs & Microsoft’s strategic collaboration has enhanced the cloud-native Customer Engagement Platform with advanced AI, Generative AI technologies, & built-in copilots.

26 Apr 2024

Amdocs Redefines Customer Interactions and Employee Experience

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Amdocs & Microsoft’s strategic collaboration has enhanced the cloud-native Customer Engagement Platform with advanced AI, Generative AI technologies, & built-in copilots. 

This first-of-its-kind, telco-specific solution caters to both B2C and B2B customers across all channels and lines of business, on a single, open, unified, AI-powered platform. It integrates Microsoft’s customer insights, sales, and service capabilities (Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Azure Cloud) with Amdocs’ Commerce & Care Suite; Order Management, Catalog, and CPQ

The platform provides CSPs the ability to deliver seamless, digital-first, personalized, contextual and intuitive experiences, transforming engagement approaches through advanced marketing, sales, CPQ, catalog and commerce, and care features. Leveraging Amdocs amAIz and Microsoft Copilot, it offers CSPs enhanced productivity and collaboration tools. The amAIz telco-specific Generative AI platform provides a rapid, secure, and efficient  approach for embarking on Generative AI journeys, featuring an expanding library of prebuilt use cases tailored to meet specific business challenges in telecoms.

“The partnership brings an innovative approach and aligns with the industry's top priorities.” Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research 

How the solution supports innovative, seamless, intelligent digital experiences

Multi-channel engagements enhanced with Generative AI & built-in copilots, support a unified 360-customer view and insight-driven recommendations.

Empowers marketing, sales, commerce, customer-service functions with AI-driven intelligence, supporting entire sales cycle from lead to post-purchase.

Integrates with telco business and network stack for a 360-customer view, powered by analytics & intelligence for personalized engagement.

Embeds collaboration tools (e.g., Teams, Office, Viva Sales), driven by AI insights & automation, to enhance productivity and employee experiences.

Low-code Amdocs & Microsoft tools enable CSPs to rapidly innovate & automate business processes e.g., creating intelligent virtual agents.

Unique in telco

Complete Telco-specific Solution for both B2B and B2C: Offers an end-to-end lifecycle from engagement to billing, with pre-integrated BSS, OSS, & telco-specific use cases.

Revolutionary AI Technology: Incorporates generative AI, copilots & AI-enabled products for telco-specific use cases.

Outstanding Productivity & Efficiency: intuitive interface, out-of-the-box collaboration tools & low-code tooling, enhanced with copilot functionality.

Next-Gen Technology & Standardization: Utilizes a cloud-native, real-time, agile CI/CD framework, plus low-code platforms, Generative AI, conversational AI, & TMF OpenAPIs.

AI-Driven UX/CX: a channel-less experience with seamless handoffs.

Intelligent Engagement: a Customer 360-view with AI-driven insights & recommendations fora personalized, contextual, guided experience. 

The platform not only addresses the entire consumer lifecycle, starting with a comprehensive Customer 360-profile, but also enhances customer engagements through proactive and multi-channel customer journey orchestration. This approach personalizes and contextualizes interactions in real-time across all engagement channels and applications, significantly improving commerce and care journeys and experiences for telecom customers.

Moreover, the platform introduces substantial innovation to telecom B2B services with its standout end-to-end solution.

The platform’s new functionality revolutionizes the B2B sales and engagement experience for Telco. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Hub with Amdocs' Catalog and CPQ solutions, it streamlines and simplifies sales processes and empowers sales with innovative, efficient B2B operations. In addition:

  • Its built-in copilots and support for comprehensive B2B business flows streamline order fulfillment and offer flexible support options, e.g., Self-service, live agents, to meet customer preferences.
  • Addresses the full B2B lifecycle, from lead generation, optimized proposal, contract signing, service customization, network provisioning, to monetization.
  • Intuitive interface enables customized solutions: Sales & business users can easily configure service options & customize offerings to meet all B2B customer requirements & sales/budget targets. (e.g., 3rd party offers, data-connectivity, mobility, business Internet services).
  • Enhances B2B operations by incorporating Lead-to-Contract which integrates proposal & quote generation. Sales can navigate the lifecycle more effectively, accelerating sales cycles & delivery of B2B solutions. It simplifies agent tasks, reducing workloads & errors.

“[The platform] adds depth for B2B customer journeys including the lead-to-care aspects required to manage the end-to-end customer, agreement and service lifecycle.”  

“Integrating the Microsoft Dynamics product with Amdocs' CPQ and commerce modules enhances business agility and simplifies the process, enabling the rapid definition and launch of new offers.”

451 Research

Another innovative domain is advances Generative AI

The integration of Amdocs' amAIz  and Microsoft Copilot introduces a new era of telecom-specific Generative AI, enhancing customer and operational lifecycle management with AI-driven insights and recommendations. This not only boosts efficiency but also improves customer satisfaction and speeds up the onboarding process.

The Generative AI solution embedded in the platform leverages OpenAI technology through the Microsoft partnership, Microsoft Enterprise Grade Copilot & Amdocs’ Gen-AI telecom taxonomy. This enables Generative AI exploration, assistance, generation, and recommendations throughout customer and operational lifecycles – an industry first.  

“Amdocs’ telco GenAI framework amAIz, along with its strategic partnership with Microsoft, has created a foundation for CSPs to benefit from the immense potential of GenAI.”


“The use of Microsoft 365 Copilot and the Amdocs amAIz framework means it can assist with the development of multiple persona use cases that are also trained with telco taxonomy, customer context and policy enforcement, to improve accuracy versus standard large language models, as well as time to market and expected cost reductions with an optimized mix of predictive and large language models”.  

451 Research 

The evolving strategic partnership of Microsoft and Amdocs

The partnership between Microsoft and Amdocs continues to set new benchmarks for technological innovation in the telecom industry. Together, we are developing a joint R&D product roadmap and a dedicated lab and center of excellence specifically for Generative AI. This initiative aims to enhance and accelerate the productization of Generative AI applications, accelerating adoption of these leading technologies.

This collaboration not only addresses the current requirements of the telecom sector but also paves the way for future advancements. It ensures that CSPs are at the forefront of technological advancements and customer engagement.


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