An approach to enterprise private network success

As 5G consumer core rollouts increase, network slicing will inevitably play a key role in enabling the operability of future networks. What does this mean for CSP enterprise business strategies?

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Niall Byrne, SVP of Networks & Partner Strategy

Amdocs Networks

16 Nov 2022

An approach to enterprise private network success

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Approaches to network slicing in delivering the 5G enterprise promise in private network success.

Network slicing will become available with the 5G consumer core rollouts. Will it ever play a role in a CSP (Communication Service Provider) enterprise business strategy? Time will tell how this evolves, which is grounds for further debate and consideration. Regardless, it is time to start delivering on the 5G enterprise promise.

The NEPs (Network Equipment Providers), Hyperscalers, CSPs and most importantly the asset-rich SI’s (Systems Integrators) are all working on varying models to accelerate the private network realization of the enterprise. To achieve a winning formula in this case, it is fundamental to understand the importance of working and executing a complex partner landscape, from the specialist SI within the various enterprise verticals to the RAN (Radio Access Network) planning specialists - not to mention the app innovators that will drive the real business case for the enterprise.

To factor in the complex mesh of people, products, and processes needed from a wide range of industries to drive success, it is key to declutter the realization. Whether delivered via the CSP or direct to the enterprise, the players in this domain need a simplified approach. To this end, the suggested approach below will allow a phased build of the private enterprise network providing the connectivity platform. As well as a fast, secure, reliable network which once bedded in will provide the Enterprise with a window into future “smart” possibilities for its business success.

Rolling it all out...

Phase 0 – All things Radio

Consultancy, coverage, design, spectrum allocation, deployment and operations all need to combine in this specialized practice to deliver on the infrastructure required to deliver on the Phase 1 connectivity.

Phase 1 – The Connectivity Platform

The combination of the network core and transport provide a fully automated, easily provisioned “connectivity” platform. Allowing for a fast, secure, reliable wireless network to that enterprise, on its own compelling business case. For example, beyond the basic capability of a campus network provided at Phase 0 above, will the secure safe University campus attract the student masses?

Phase 2 – Onboarding the “Power Apps”

Now it all gets very interesting in constructing the “connectivity” platform. Here, the potential is a hockey stick of innovative thinkers, in the above campus example: staff, students and partners together with their many applications and devices. The connectivity platform can be sliced and diced to provide multiple networking capabilities to these apps and devices through clever policy application. Engineering or other relevant departments can now achieve super low-latency, ultra-reliable quality connectivity for specific needs as potential new revenue streams through targeted charging models - a win-win for all.

So, whether the sales channel is via CSP to the enterprise or SI to the enterprise; whether deliverables include on-prem, cloud or hybrid, edge, or near edge, varying spectrum considerations can be dealt with progressively in this story. In which all variants have had their tires kicked and there are no blockers for success.

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