Can smart monitoring improve customer experience?

Can smart monitoring improve customer experience?

Advanced capabilities provided by smart monitoring, based on AI and holistic business view, can provide the seamless digital experiences leading to improved customer experience.

Tamar Zimon


27 Jan 2020

Can smart monitoring improve customer experience?

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As the competition in the media and entertainment market increases, traditional service providers are under increasing pressure to match the flawless digital customer experiences they’ve been long accustomed to receiving from digital-native companies, such as Amazon, Netflix and Uber.

In parallel, with the number of digital channels and systems continuing to climb, operators are struggling to cope with hybrid environments that are only growing in multi-layer complexity. This isn’t just limited to environments spanning multiple legacy and new systems (supported by different technologies and supplied by various vendors) – but it also includes the dynamic microservices ecosystem. Yet from the customer perspective, none of these matters. As far as they’re concerned, the experience must be seamless.

The path to masking these complexities lies in building a framework that can bridge organizational silos and manage business processes across the board, with holistic, “smart monitoring” that provides end-to-end governance – including a 360-degree view across the business, IT systems and the network.

On the front end, this consists of a “single pane of glass” – a user-customizable end-to-end dashboard providing a bird’s eye view of key metrics, including businesses KPIs, aggregated application and infrastructure health, as well as the state of critical services and systems, with drilldowns providing more granular detail. On the back end, it consists of AI and automation capabilities, covering all the multiple systems, applications and data sources.

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Single Pane of Glass

In a nutshell, this is how Amdocs’ atomIQ monitoring platform works – it continuously analyzes data trends to predict and diagnose abnormal behavior before it can impact service quality. This is followed by automated self-healing and improvement of future behavior to ensure customers receive the seamless experience they demand.
Under the hood, we achieve this via a six-step process:

  1. Definition & configuration stage based on best practices
  2. Collect and store data in a unified store
  3. Analyze the data (one-time and periodical analysis to build the foundations for ongoing analytics)
  4. Detect abnormal behavior, based on AI analysis of incoming streaming data
  5. Contextualize streaming data (transform disparate operational events into a single “event story”, thereby reducing the number of events that need handing)
  6. Self-healing (abnormal behaviors are fed into the automation platform, which generates root-cause analysis and self-healing automation to remediate the relevant issues)

The quest to achieve the highest levels of agility that match digital native service providers may yet remain a way off for most traditional players. However, in the eyes of the customer, this doesn’t necessarily matter. Already now, the advanced capabilities provided by smart monitoring can provide the seamless digital experiences they demand. And that’s what really matters.

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