How network automation, E2ESO, and service assurance are transforming service delivery

Find out how CSPs can master E2ESO, service assurance, and AI/GenAI to ensure optimal performance of services and network resources within agreed standards to enhance customer satisfaction and quality of experience.

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Mehrdad Ekbatani

Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs Technology – 5G, Networks, & OSS

25 Jun 2024

How network automation, E2ESO, and service assurance are transforming service delivery

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In the fast-paced telecoms world, success isn't solely about having the latest tech - strategy, precision, and achieving the best results are key. 

In a competitive environment where the demand for streamlined operations and innovative services is higher than ever, communications service providers (CSPs) face an increasing challenge of integrating advanced technologies with existing systems. Key to the success of this transformation is network automation, a critical innovation that simplifies complexities such as managing hybrid cloud environments and legacy systems. Intent-based and closed-loop network automation offers dynamic, automated capabilities and policies that enable comprehensive end-to-end management of both slice and non-slice-based services.

Over the past several years, CSPs have made significant investments to modernize legacy networks and enhance access networks with cutting-edge technologies like FTTP and 5G. But as we move further into this decade, the focus is shifting to maximizing these investments. This strategic shift is crucial not only for optimizing operational efficiencies but also for delivering exceptional value to customers.

E2ESO: Maximizing the potential of 5G & cloud services

End-to-End Service Orchestration (E2ESO) is crucial for realizing the full monetization potential of 5G and cloud services, empowering CSPs to capitalize on their 5G investments by enabling network slicing, driving automation, supporting self-monitoring networks, and unlocking IoT opportunities. The technology not only future-proofs networks and promotes innovation but also allows for tailored 5G offerings that meet specific business needs and deliver business intent.

A significant advantage of E2ESO is its ability to transform existing network domain-based orchestration into a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle management system. This can span various domains and vendors, from customer premises equipment (CPE) and devices, mobile access and fixed access, to core network, and data center & cloud.  

E2ESO’s importance in the industry is highlighted in a March 2024 Heavy Reading report, where 93% of those surveyed acknowledged the technology’s importance for monetization, while 49% rated it as ‘very important’ and 44% as ‘important’.  

The table below outlines the primary operational use cases driving the implementation of end-to-end service orchestration (E2ESO). According to the survey, while there is broad support across categories, two key areas stand out: optimization (72%) and orchestration (68%), highlighting that CSPs are primarily focusing on efficiently managing network components and achieving optimal network performance. 


Which operational use cases are driving your implementation of end-to-end service orchestration? (Select top three)

E2ESO: Fuelling innovative revenue streams and new business models

E2ESO is also a vital catalyst for creating innovative revenue-generating services and supporting new business models by facilitating seamless integration and interaction between diverse software applications. This empowers CSPs with the means to conduct thorough evaluations and due diligence while considering E2ESO investments, providing total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization, faster time-to-market, enhanced customer experience and significant revenue generation potential.

Open RAN SMO: a catalyst for E2ESO automation

As our industry continues to shift, driven by the advancement of 5G technologies, Open RAN Service Management & Orchestration (SMO) acts as a critical enabler for automating E2ESO processes, by supporting the need for more agile, scalable, and energy-efficient networks. This is even more so as the complexity of managing and orchestrating Radio Access Networks (RAN) intensifies, especially with the introduction of Open RAN.

Here too, E2ESO provides a comprehensive solution that ensures Open RAN SMO integrates seamlessly with the broader industry ecosystem. By optimizing services across the network and extending orchestration deep into the RAN to individual users, the platform supports the creation of innovative and profitable services, while enabling the CSP to fully explore and realize the potential of Open RAN in real-world scenarios.

Charging for services in hybrid environments

As CSPs face numerous challenges in the intricate task of charging for both slice and non-slice services within hybrid cloud and legacy environments, E2ESO plays a crucial role in automating and simplifying service management. By collaborating with charging triggers, the platform ensures precise and efficient charging mechanisms that align with network service usage, enabling accurate billing. It also helps maintain service quality, optimize network utilization, and promote cost-effectiveness -- all while adhering to 3GPP standards.

Empowering CSPs with new revenue streams in the API economy

E2ESO is also instrumental in driving an API market economy and creating revenue streams, supported by seamless integration and interaction between various software applications. By automating service management and ensuring efficient resource utilization, the platform enables CSPs to offer a diverse range of services through APIs – not only allowing them to enhance service offerings but also promoting innovation, differentiation, and competitiveness. It also ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations, boosting the credibility of APIs and making them more appealing to potential customers. By automating routine tasks, E2ESO allows service providers to focus on innovation. This can also lead to the creation of unique and valuable APIs, giving service providers a competitive edge and differentiation in the market.

Amdocs Helix Service Assurance: accelerating network automation with AI/GenAI

As service assurance and GenAI become crucial for accelerating network automation and E2ESO, CSPs need solutions that identify and mitigate network issues impacting quality of service (QoS). Amdocs Helix Service Assurance excels in this area, ensuring optimal performance of services and network resources within agreed standards. It supports closed-loop systems, enhancing customer satisfaction and quality of experience while providing key insights on its assurance dashboard.

The integration of AI/GenAI further enhances these capabilities, enabling CSPs to: 

  • Manage costs by optimizing operational expenses through intelligent automation.
  • Ensure high-quality service delivery by swiftly resolving service-impacting issues through the utilization of AI, machine learning (ML), and root cause analysis (RCA).  
  • Enhance scalability to meet growing demands efficiently.
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining processes and boosting productivity. 

Furthermore, by optimizing token usage, CSPs can tackle complex challenges effectively, achieving comprehensive fault, performance, and service quality management, and driving superior business outcomes. In service assurance systems, tokens play a critical role in controlling access to monitoring data, configuration settings, and administrative functions. Token management in Amdocs Helix SAS ensures security, privacy, and efficient resource utilization. 


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