Impossible in itself says I’m possible: Amir Lapid

Impossible in itself says I’m possible: Amir Lapid

Meet Amir Lapid, Head of Amdocs Home OS (AKA doxi), the first AI-powered Home OS at Amdocs, and hear from him about his exciting Amdocs journey!

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Keya Sen, Internal Communications


14 Mar 2023

Impossible in itself says I’m possible: Amir Lapid

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In this series on 'Passionate Leadership', Amir takes us through his various Amdocs ventures, especially HomeOS which is a breakthrough in providing superior care and consumer experience and engagement to the customers of broadband CSPs.

Amir began his journey with Amdocs a decade ago as a product manager lead and strategist in the Amdocs Technology division (previously known as PBG). Before that, he held leading positions at Israeli start-ups in telecom technology, where he gained expertise in VoIP, IP Networking, network optimization, and monetization tools. His extensive experience has given him a deep understanding of various technologies. At Amdocs, he led several successful portfolio, media, and B2B initiatives. Later, Amir transitioned to a more strategic role, where he focused on product strategy and M&A (merger & acquisition) activities to help drive the company's non-organic growth.

Amdocs HomeOS (doxi): A game changer in the world of Broadband

In 2019, Amir joined amdocs:next under Gil Rosen’s management and started building a powerful team to implement a new strategy and product for broadband CSPs, which resulted in the creation of doxi.

By end of last year, Amdocs HomeOS was selected by a T-1 North American CSP to improve care experience and efficiency and provide insights into consumer trends and quality of experience. This came after a long journey of building the solution and the product value and working with multiple accounts. HomeOS is a unique offering, SaaS from day 1, fully managed by Amdocs and powered by advanced machine learning with a focus on real-time understanding of consumer broadband issues and their root causes. HomeOS is dedicated to enhancing the experience and engagement of broadband customers through proactive capabilities, advanced tools, improved end-to-end visibility, and complete problem resolution.

Talking about his HomeOS experience, Amir says “When Gil and I founded Doxi, there were many challenges in front of us. From the tech side, implementing 100% cloud-based SaaS operations and using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. From operational complexity, we encountered a lot of legal and commercial challenges. From business development perspective, we needed to form the right partnerships in a domain where Amdocs never played. However, we planned patiently and worked rigorously, as a result, we were able to overcome these obstacles. In a mere two months, we were able to launch a proof-of-concept for 50,000 homes and 100 care reps, with a functional product available from day one. The solution offered the flexibility to customize care tools and APIs, providing continuous analytical value with significant business and operational insights from the start.

Looking back, Amir considers the acquisition of Vindicia by Amdocs as one of the most interesting and risk-taking ventures he has been involved in. “This was a challenging project because Amdocs had no presence in the media or over-the-top space at the time. However, we as a team were able to identify the business value of subscription billing and Vindicia, specifically for Amdocs, and collaborated with the right people to make the acquisition a success. Although there was a risk of failure, we believed that not taking this opportunity would have been the biggest failure of all. As a result, Vindicia opened up a new line of business for Amdocs, and I am proud that I played a leadership role in that journey.”

"From business development perspective, we needed to form the right partnerships in a domain where Amdocs never played."

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Amir Lapid, Head of Amdocs Home OS

When you are committed to creating value, obstacles cannot stop you

A tech enthusiast and product strategy & innovation expert addicted to his kids and English football; Amir possesses an admirable quality that propels him forward - a fearlessness of failure! He views challenges as opportunities to invigorate his life. By taking risks, he recognizes that there may be instances where he succeeds and others where he fails, and he values both outcomes equally. He understands that success is not permanent, and failure is not forever, but the determination to persist despite challenges is what truly matters. One other critical skill is the ability to share success – in a large organization there is a constant need to partner, internally and externally, and in order to do it successfully you need to do it in a way that makes your partner believe in the vision and the product and see its success as its own one. For some people working in a large organization like Amdocs may seem something that limits personal innovation –but Amir thinks differently. According to Amir “When you find the right people to work with as partners, show value constantly, and exhibit a never-give-up approach this actually becomes an advantage. With Amdocs, this advantage doubles as Amdocs have a lot to offer, both from the technology point of view and from the ability to bring the largest and most advanced customers to the table”.


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