Explore your bank’s future at booth 10001 at Money 20/20 USA

What will banking look like in five years or 10 years? What about tomorrow? Find out at Money 20/20 at booth 10001. You’ll see the dramatic – potentially overnight – changes coming to banking.

Amdocs Financial Services

18 Oct 2023

Explore your bank’s future at booth 10001 at Money 20/20 USA

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Visit booth 10001 at Money 20/20 USA to meet Amdocs. Don’t know Amdocs? We’re a global leader that helps highly regulated businesses, including banks, jump ahead of the competition. Aim for amazing as you move to the cloud, build spectacular experiences, and personalize banking.

Financial leaders are gathering in Las Vegas for Money 20/20 USA 2023. As the world’s top financial services industry event, it attracts players across banking, payments, insurance, and more. At Amdocs, we are thrilled to be a Money 20/20 Gold Sponsor for the second year. Our team plans to attend in force – see us at Booth 10001.

Organizers expect more than 3,000 companies to participate, with all vying to get noticed. Once again, we’re taking up the challenge and going big with demos that showcase the future of banking. We asked our banking experts to join us and share their insights with banking leaders like you. Request a meeting and expect a thought-provoking conversation.

What’s next and what’s now

When you visit the Amdocs booth, plan to engage with our customer experience, product, and cloud banking specialists. They’re looking forward to discussing the evolving role of GenAI in all areas of banking, from bringing natural language to frontend experiences to charging productivity on the backend. How can you make the most of GenAI while supporting compliance and privacy? Talk to our team about use cases in highly regulated industries like banking.

Our team focuses on helping to build the banks of tomorrow. They see trends in customer experience, product, and cloud taking shape that can potentially change the way we all bank. At booth 10001, we’re showing banks how they can drive next-generation banking with:

  • Family-First Banking: While you’re visiting Money 20/20, let’s discuss the opportunity that is multi-generational households. Families have a wide array of needs, often spanning multiple generations, and each of those generations expects their bank to proactively deliver valuable recommendations and capabilities to their fingertips. Enter the “family-first banking” mindset. With family-first banking, banks can use technology to break down data silos and create pin-point insights into each customer’s dynamic household makeup, helping each family achieve their unique financial goals and incorporate more family members. Come try our Family First demo at Booth #10001 – we’d love to show you the future we envision for your customers and their most important asset – their families. Once you’ve paid us a visit, read our article published this month in Banking Dive  by Zur Yahalom, Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Services at Amdocs. He’ll be at our booth, ready to discuss big ideas.


Brochure: Amdocs Family-First Banking
  • PDF
  • Leading customer experiences: Go beyond the expected by creating a financial coach and concierge for every customer with GenAI. Put customers first by empowering them to control more of the banking experience for themselves and their families. With role-based access, you let parents introduce kids to smart money management and help seniors get assistance without password sharing.


Datasheet: Amdocs amAIz Framework
  • PDF
  • Enterprise product and pricing agility: Use micro-segmentation to connect customers to offers they want. Then, take personalization to the next level by creating product bundles and statements tailored to an individual customer’s needs. Customers get an experience from you that they can’t get elsewhere, boosting loyalty. Sound impossible or IT-heavy? It’s not with core-agnostic, centralized product and pricing management. Business users drive product and pricing with little or no assistance from IT.


Datasheet: Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog
  • PDF
  • Real-time processing in the cloud: Get serious about hollowing out the core. It starts with moving key processes to modern, cloud-native solutions. You peel away processes like product and fee management. The new tools add speed as they lower costs. Migrating data and data-driven processes to the cloud at scale brings even more speed. You go from settling simple transactions in one or two days to real-time processing. It’s a step that customers and regulators expect you to take.


Brochure: Amdocs Cloud at Scale for Financial Services
  • PDF

Coming soon to your bank (or a bank near you)

Last year at Money 20/20, the Amdocs booth featured peeks into the possible future of banking, including a look at homebuying in the metaverse. Our provocative demos generated buzz that built up throughout Money 20/20. By closing day, people lined up for our demos. We’ve polished our crystal ball again for 2023. This year, our team created demos that put the banks of tomorrow on display. And we don’t mean a distant tomorrow. The next-generation experiences in our demo show next-generation capabilities you can deploy now.

Want to skip the lines? Plan to visit the Amdocs booth early or request a meeting to discuss what’s next for banking. This year’s demos include:

  • Visit the bank of tomorrow: Put on XR glasses to preview a world where investing is more straightforward than ordering coffee. Embedded finance connects people to empowering payment options. Financial planners gain deep insight into your needs in seconds. And it all happens at the bank of tomorrow.

  • You-first banking powered by GenAI: Soon, your customers will bank with a 24/7 financial coach, concierge, and analyst. Watch as GenAI powers conversational digital advisory and routine banking. People use natural language to navigate a personalized banking experience.

  • Family-first banking: Families have banking needs that span generations. Parents must juggle family finances, share tasks, and introduce money management to their kids. And, often, they need to help their aging relatives with digital banking—while letting seniors keep control of their finances. See how you can help by delivering family-first banking.

Get to know Amdocs

At Amdocs, we engineer and deploy the building blocks that help banks orient banking to genuine customer needs and motivations. We’ve helped 50+ banks take banking beyond what customers expect. How can we help you make banking amazing? Visit booth 10001 at Money 2020 USA 2023 to talk with our team. Learn more about Amdocs.


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Your future looks breath-taking from here.


Simplify the complex, deliver the brilliant.


Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


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