The sun is starting to set on another amAIzing MWC

The sun is starting to set on another amAIzing MWC

What better way to kick things off than a celebration, right?

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Mario Hajiloizi, Public Relations Manager, EMEA


29 Feb 2024

The sun is starting to set on another amAIzing MWC

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Day three at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024 is, for most, the final day of the show before each departs and heads back to their home base wherever that may be around the world.

With that being the case, Amdocs’ booth was jam-packed with events, meetings, walk-ins, experiences, tours, celebrations…a whole flurry of activity to make the most out of the “unofficial” end of the show.

What better way to kick things off than a celebration, right? Together, with Claro Brazil, executives from both companies gathered at the Amdocs booth to celebrate the Brazilian service provider’s eSIM journey and milestone of launching eSIM across, parent company, América Móvil’s markets throughout Latin America.

Nearby, and not long after the celebration, a CSP-exclusive roundtable was hosted by Amdocs in partnership with telecoms consultancy and research firm STL Partners on 'The Road to Network Transformation & Automation Drives Growth'.

Participating CSPs heard new research-based findings on the four distinct transformation pathways to growth: fast-moving, cloud-first, data-first, and early-stage transformers. The lively discussion that followed drew out interesting insights on how different operators are navigating the transformation to next-generation networks and the roadmaps they are developing for successful automation.

Later during the day, Amdocs’ Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy Anthony Goonetilleke participated as part of a panel titled "Convergence of 5G & AI at the Edge".

5G and edge computing are two transformative technologies with the ability to increase speed and reduce latency, but add AI into the mix and you have a convergence of technologies that could drive innovation and unlock astonishing possibilities.

“When it comes to the consumer or customer, they care about two things - ubiquitous connectivity and seamless experience,” said Goonetilleke. “I think as we mature as an industry, look at use cases, and figure out how to deal with the power consumption, the usage, and shortages, economics will eventually work out.”

Closing things off on day three, Amdocs connectX got its share of the limelight at the MVNO Summit, where Riki Efraim-Lederman, general manager of Amdocs connectX, took to the stage for her keynote where she shared how a global leader like Amdocs can deliver the agility and innovation needed by even the smallest MVNOs.

“Our approach? Think big, act like a startup” said Efraim-Lederman. “We leverage our vast experience and know-how, coupled with the most advanced SaaS, AI-native, and serverless technologies, to give small players the edge they need to compete and thrive.”

And, joining Efraim-Lederman on stage was, Carlos Valero, CTO of Finetwork, one of our newest customers, who shared his vision for a bold, innovative MVNO brand. Valero chose Amdocs connectX because he knew we could deliver the flexibility, scalability, and future-proof technology he needed to turn his vision into reality.

Let’s see what tomorrow, the official final day, brings.


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